Corvin Castle named also Hunedoara’s Castle or Hunyadi Castle, is the medieval fortress of Hunedoara, one of the most important gothic monument from Romania.

It is considered one of the most beautiful castles from the world, and it can be found between ” Top 10 European fairy tale destinations”.

Hunedoara’s castle is the largest medieval construction with double functionality ( civil and military) from our country which is still standing.

The castle was built in the XV century by Joan Hunyadi, it is an imposing building, equipped with towers, bastions and a dungeon. The roofs are high and covered with polychrome tiles. The Corvin castle interior was restored and converted into a museum.

The castle was one of the biggest and most famous properties of John Hunyadi. Construction has experienced significant transformations in its time, serving both as a reinforced strategic point and feudal residence . With the years, various owners of the castle change its appearance, enriching it with towers, halls and guest rooms.

The gallery and dungeon, the last defense tower, are unchanged from the time of Joan Hunyadi and with the Capistrano Tower are some of the most significant parts of the building.

In the Corvin castle’s courtyard, next to the chapel built also during John Hunyadi, is a 30-meter deep fountain. According to a legend, this fountain had been dug by three Turkish prisoners to who was promised freedom if they will reach the water layer. But after 15 years of toil, when they finished the fountain , the owners have not kept their word. It said that the inscription on the wall of the fountain means “You have water but you don’t have a heart.”

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