Located in Sapanta, Maramures County, is a unique cemetery famous for the colorful tombs crosses, brightly colored painted scenes from the life and occupation of the person baried. On some crosses you can read lyrics also evoking the life of the deceased.

The novelty of this cemetery is the difference from the popular culture, which considers death as a sad event. It is believed that Stan Ioan Patras was inspired by the Dacian culture, who considered death as a joyful event.

First epitaph is from 1935, and after 1960 the whole cemetery was populated with about 800 crosses, carved oak. Now is a real outdoor museum and one of the most important tourist attraction from Maramures and Romania.

Since 2009, the merry cemetery from Sapanta is the objective of the annual festival called: “The long way to the Merry Cemetery”

Stan Ioan Patras founder of the cemetery is also buried here, and you can also visit his memorial house located close to the cemetery.