The Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon is a high level sports competition dedicated to the international sports community and also the largest running event in Transylvania. The main goal of this event is to reunite professional or amateur runners from all over the world. In addition to this, it has become a mark of the European Sport City Cluj-Napoca. The Marathon is organized annually by Runners Club, which seeks to widely promote running as part of a healthy life.

The 7th edition of the Marathon will take place on 9th of April 2017, starting from Cluj Arena at 9:15 PM. Participants can choose from numerous types of races.

TOUR TRAVEL by ODAS GLOBAL CONSULTING is proud to announce their partnership with Runners Club and promote this running event worldwide.

Those who register for the Marathon will have to run exactly 42,195 kilometers in a limit time of 5 hours and 30 minutes. There is also a half marathon of 21,097 kilometers, a 10 KM race, a Marathon Relay of 4×10,5 km, the Banca Transilvania Cross of 5 kilometers and even a Kids Race with four distance options: 400m, 800m, 1000m and 1200m. The BT Cross and the Kids Race are free of charge, whereas the other imply a fee. The sooner you buy it the better the price. Prices go up as the Marathon date approaches.

In order to participate and receive an eligible race number, runners must be at least 18 years old, if not, they must have a written consent of their parents. Other eligibility criteria are: proof of payment of the registration fee and a valid, original ID. Besides this, the runners will have to sign a declaration that they run on their own responsibility

After registration, runners will be provided with a race number, an official T-shirt, hydration points, a finisher’s medal, a race chip, a diploma, various presents from sponsor and lastly, a pasta party.

Running over 40 kilometers is no easy task and because of this, registered runners can train twenty weeks prior to the Marathon, in weekly training programs and official Marathon simulations.

Runners who come from outside Cluj-Napoca can benefit from this occasion to discover the lively atmosphere and historical landmarks of the city. Don’t miss the “Alexandru Borza” Botanical Garden, the Transylvania Ethnographic Museum, the Banffy Palace and the Art Museum within, the Matei Corvin House, Babes-Bolyai University and Lucian Blaga National Theater.

Join Transylvania’s most vibrant race, the 7th edition of the Wizz Air Marathon on 9th of April 2017 to win prizes, experience Cluj-Napoca, interact with other running passionate and most of all surpass your own limits and performance!

The International Conference of Trandisciplinary Research for Sustainable Tourism Development (ICTRSTD 2017), organized by the Discover Transylvania’s Reaches Cluster in collaboration with the renowned Faculty of Geography from Babes-Bolyai University, seeks to outline the links between tourism and technology for a more peaceful and sustainable development of society.

The Conference will raise discussions between academics, policy makers and practitioners throughout the world on the topic of the newest academic findings and their applicability in planning and development strategies, assessment tools and decision making processes, pursuing fresher attitudes and outlooks on planning and managing tourism activities. These discussions search to raise the awareness of everyone who may get involved into sustainability, be it citizens, investors, companies or politicians.

Between the 6th and 8th of October 2017, the ICTRSTD will elaborate on a wide range of themes regarding the sustainability of tourism: Sustainable Tourism and Territorial Development, United Nation Sustainable Development Goals, Governance for Sustainable Tourism, Urban Tourism – Sustainable Transport and Mobility, Education for Sustainable Tourism Management and Practices, Tourism and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Sites, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Mechanisms in the Tour Guiding Industry, Cultural Tourism.

These themes at ICTRSTD 2017 will be proficiently approached by expert speakers: chair Danut Petrea, the Dean of the Faculty of Geography and a leading researcher in physical geography, methodology and epistemology of geographical phenomena, co-chairs Stefan Dezsi, Prof.PhD. and Director of Human Geography and Tourism Department, and Cristina Bolog, PhD. Lecturer at Department of Human Geography and Tourism and Incoming Manager at Grand Hotel Napoca.

The Discover Transylvania’s Reaches Cluster, organizer of this Conference, reunites in a “triple helix” trading companies, universities and research institutes and local or regional public authorities, coordinated by ODAS Global Consulting. The Cluster’s goals are developing innovative touristic products and services, augmenting the quality of Transylvania’s tourism, creating European Projects in partnership with regions outside of Romania, creating and promoting Transylvania’s own touristic brand.

The Conference will take place on the premises of Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Geography on 7-9 Universitatii Street, and partners of Discover Transylvania’s Reaches Cluster.

The Conference Fees are currently on Early Bird and there are numerous discount offers especially for groups, 2nd time participants, professor and student, members of the Cluster.

The International Conference on Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Tourism Development of 6-8 October 2017 is guaranteed to deliver a stimulating atmosphere in the lively city of Cluj-Napoca, for specialists to discover new trends in the tourism industry.


Last week, our team was present at the 37ª edition of the International Tourism Trade Fair – FITUR, hosted by the IFEMA Exhibition Centre in Madrid (official FITUR 2017 location).

FITUR is one of the first tourism fairs in the world and brings together exhibitors from all over the world. This year were present at FITUR, Feria de Madrid, Madrid, Spain around 10,000 exhibitors from 166 countries and regions, comprising tour operators, travel agencies, transporter companies, representatives of hotels and other forms of accommodation amenities, leisure and culture contractors, residential tourism companies, travel media agents, administration officials, representatives of tourism boards, affiliates of trade associations and students of training organizations.

FITUR Spain 2017 took place on January 18-22 in Madrid (official FITUR 2017 dates), and our dedicated team was delighted to meet our international partners and connect with other companies interested to provide a variety of services in the ranges of outgoing and incoming tourism. After all, FITUR – international tourism trade fair 2017 is a meeting point for tourism specialists to establish lines of action in the near future.

TOUR TRAVEL by ODAS GLOBAL CONSULTING was registered at FITUR as a co-exhibitor, and our desk was organized by the National Authority for Tourism (ANT).

Our team appreciates all their commitment and hard work. Romania is a beautiful and unique country and deserves to be discovered by travelers from all over the world. Romania has all forms of relief: Carpathian Mountains, Black Sea beaches, Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation, plateaus, valleys, meadows, plains, beautiful rivers, amazing caves, underground icebergs and glacial lakes.


For five wonderful days we’ve connected with people from each corner of the world and we’ve had the occasion to discover all the sectors. All countries and companies had astonishing and colorful stands, equipped with promotion materials, such as flyers, brochures, pens, calendars, toys, souvenirs, bags, refrigerator magnets, cups, books, stress balls, all personalized with their logo and contact details. Also, some exhibitors choose to promote their country organizing different activities, like: cooking session, writing session, photo session, mascots, henna tattoos on hands, traditional dances as you can see in the FITUR film below:

In the following lines, we will present the stands which impressed us more at FITUR 2017.

  1. Andalucía

Andalucía’s exhibition stand was based on Hi-Tech presentation and included all their provinces: Seville, Malaga, Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Huelva and Jaen. Their promotion material was relevant and the girls dressed with their traditional costumes were really pretty.

  1. India

India’s exhibition stand was taking you in a fairytale story. India is the second most populous country after China, and is located in the center of South Asia. India beats with a remarkable mix of people, traditions and landscapes.


  1. Korea

Korea’s exhibition stand was increased the number of participants interested with their specific activities. They organized food sessions, writing sessions, 3D presentations, photo sessions, and two beautiful tigers, known as Soohorang, which is the mascot of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.


  1. Romania

Romania’s exhibition stand was “our cozy home” for five days and we are happy to be part of this team. At this event were present over 20 tour operators, travel agencies and administration representatives from Romania and together we’ve promoted the most stunning and unique places/ activities from our country.


  1. Portugal

Portugal’s exhibition stand was one of the biggest one. It was impossible not to find their stand in the fourth sector, dedicated to the European countries.


  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s exhibition stand was taking you into the jungle, offering amazing views from another world. Costa Rica is a small country located in the Central America, and their neighbors are Nicaragua in the north part, Panama in the south area, the Pacific Ocean in the West, the Caribbean Sea in the east, and Ecuador to the south of Cocos Island. Costa Rica has boundless destinations and attractions to see, discover and explore.