Durgau – Salt Valley is a natural reservation from Turda city, Cluj County, which covers an area of​10 hectares. Is part of Natura 2000, the main instrument to defend biodiversity in the European Union.

This place is surrounded with halophiles vegetation specific to areas with large deposit of salt. Wonderful Durgau – Valea Sarata (Romanian: Durgau – Valea Sarata) hosts one of the most known tourist attraction from Romania – Turda Salt Mine. Here tourists can find a great deep inner world with a temperature of 10 grades. Even if its summer or winter, visitors need to keep in mind that they need warm clothes, because the temperature is pretty low.  In the heart of the mine the fun begins. In this area they will find plenty of activities dedicated to all ages. The beautiful lake located is an interesting area to visit and for the brave ones we recommend to take a ride with the boat. To discover this hidden salt palace people can take the elevator or use the stairs. The salt ceiling has a high of 13 floors and is a onetime experience.

Durgau – Valea Sarata is also known as a medical and recreational area having six beautiful lakes. All six are part of the Lake complex of Durgau.

Carolina Lake took its name after the Empress Karoline Auguste von Bayern (1792-1873) that visit this place in 1817. Was formed after the salt mine “The Great Saltern” collapse (Romanian: Ocna cea Mare). This lake has unstable banks and is continuously crumbles and slides. In its beginnings was an old saltern with an interesting form.

Durgau Lake was formed after the collapse of the Big Durgau Saltern (Romanian: Ocna Durgaul Mare). It has a depth of about 2.8 meters and in its beginnings had one or two small saltern.

Sweet Lake used to have two pools, but eventually dried up and collapsed. In the middle of the lake are two wells with a depth of 46 m.

Saltern Lake was created after the collapse of an old salt mine. In the south-east of this lake is an outcrop of rock salt.

Circular Lake is placed in the eastern most saltern from Durgau area.

Sulphurous Lake was made in the oldest saltern from Durgau.

Don`t miss visiting this temple of salt and natural beauties.

Cheile Nerei-Beusinta National Park is an unrevealed tourist attraction which can be found between Soposul Nou locality and Sasca Romana district. From 1990 this space is recognized as a National Park and is also consider the wildest Ghats from Romania.

Cheile Nerei-Beusita National Park is a protected area which is dedicated to maintain the wildness of flora and fauna for all people.

Cheile Nerei National Park enchants its tourists with mystical caves and gorgeous cascades. A trip in this place delights the eyes of the visitors with treasures like Ochiul Beiului Lake with its special blue shade. This important attraction from Cheile Nerei Park had a legend that says that there was a time when Banat region use to be under Ottomans rule. There is an interesting legend about this place. It looks like in those times, a Turk boy and a shepherdess fall in love without caring about religion or culture. His father found out about their love affair and demanded his soldiers to go and kill the shepherdess girls. The Turk boy fought with them, but the girl is inevitably killed. He lost one of his eyes and when the eye fell, it transformed in the today’s lake. Because he lost his love, he committed suicide. All his tears formed the spring, nourish the lake. There is another legend that says that in the night of Sanziene feast the fairies from the forest baths in this water and dance. The locals from these places believe that all those who got lost in the forest and never returned, got into the clutches of these fairies. In reality, Ochiul Beiului Lake is a karst lake which is permanently nourished by a spring. Because of this, Ochiul Beiului Lake never freezes.

Another wonderful attraction from this park is the Devil Lake (Romanian: Lacul Dracului) which is also the biggest karst lake from Romania. It is formed by the falling of the ceiling cave.  The name of this lake comes from a bet between the devil and a goatherd. The devil appears in from of this goatherd and put him to cook a fish without getting hooked in the fire. The goatherd accepted this bet and also put the devil to cook a goat head without grinning in the fire. Of course, that goatherd wins because he put the fish in a stake. The devil becomes so mad that he throws him into water. It is says that this lake is a bottomless lake and those who adventure to swim here never returns back.

Beusnita Cascades and Susara Cascade are two beautiful places and we recommend to all tourists not to miss these places.

Cheile Nerei-Beusinta National Park is dedicated to all those who want to walk and see natural treasures and delights with unknown beauties.