The imposing Piarist Church from Cluj-Napoca

The Piarist Church (Romanian: Biserica Piariștilor), also known as the Jesuit Church (Romanian: Biserica Iezuiților) or the University Church (Romanian: Biserica Universității) is located on Universitatii Street, in Cluj-Napoca. Dedicated to the Holy Trinity, it was the first Roman Catholic Church built in Transylvania after the Protestant Reformation, being built in a Baroque style.

On 13 March 1718, Jesuit priests began a fundraising campaign in order to build the church. The church was completed in 1724 and consecrated the following year by Bishop Joannes Antalfi. The Jesuits were suppressed in 1773 by Pope Clement XIV, so in 1776 Empress Maria Theresa transferred the church to the Piarists. The church was restored in 1775, 1831, 1943, 1970 and 2005-2006.

The church stands out with two clock towers, each 45m high. Also the building has three narrow vertical windows above the entrance, meant to help illuminate the interior, some of them are painted. The main door is surrounded by rich ornamentation, above it there is a bas-relief of the Trinity with the Latin inscription Honori Sanctissimae Trinitatis (“In Honour of the Most Holy Trinity“). There are two smaller doors to the left and the right of this one; above each of them is a sculpture of a saint resting in a niche – Ignatius of Loyola and Francis Xavier, works of the Bavarian artist Johannes Konig.

In comparison with external design, the Church interior is lavishly ornamented. The building has only one central aisle between its western wall and its chancel.

Also, the tourists can see three chapels on the different sides, each with its own altar and adorned with several paintings. One of the most interesting things in Cluj-Napoca Piarists’ Church is the altar in the choir that is more than grandiose and is dedicated to the Trinity. Upon it rests an icon of the Virgin Mary, painted on wood and framed in metal. Underneath the church building there is a crypt with 140 graves.

After visiting this marvelous Church, guests are encouraged to visit St. Michael’s Church which is the first building constructed in Cluj-Napoca and dates since 1316 and the Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral. Another recommendation is to discover a monumental masterpieces located roundabout 10 minutes’ walk: the Matthias Corvinus Monument established in the Union Square, and Avram Iancu Monument situated in the Avram Iancu Square. Also, Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden, officially Alexandru Borza Cluj-Napoca University Botanic Garden (Romanian: Grădina Botanică Alexandru Borza a Universităţii Cluj-Napoca), is waiting for its tourists. It’s a ten minutes’ walk from the Piarist Church.

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