Brasov – The jewel of Transylvania


Brasov is one of the most cherished and visited places in Romania. Capital of Brasov County, is located about 166 km of Bucharest and 380 km from the Black Sea. Situated in the heart of Transylvania, it benefits of an important cultural and ancient history. Virgin Mary is considered to be the Patron of the city.

A town of large dimensions, it was the perfect place for a medieval settlement. With the Southern Carpathians surrounding the area, it makes the exploring of the countryside an unforgettable experience.

In 1211, the Teutonic Knights founded the old city, but there are numerous evidence of people living in the area way back in the Bronze Age. German colonists also played a role in the development of this important center.

For centuries, Brasov represented one of the most powerful and flourishing cities in Transylvania. With its privileged geographic position and infrastructure, today the cultural, sports and economic activities are bigger than ever.

The beautiful story behind its name comes from many sources, as in Latin it was called Corona, city of the Crown, and in German Kronstadt. The legend of King Solomon states that during his times thieves were chasing him and he found refuge in the forests of Brasov.

He took his crown off his head and left it by a tree. The invaders thought he fell in a hollow so he managed to hide in a cave that now wears his name. Solomon’s Rocks are today a splendid view for tourists and a popular picnic area for locals.

The name of the local river Barsa it is thought to have an influence on the city’s name. Nonetheless, its origins are lost in the dark times of the medieval age, making Brasov one of the best preserved cities in all of Europe.

Coming back in the present, tourists need to check this spot on their visiting wishlist. The place to begin is the historical center, the Council Square, famous for hosting the “Golden Stag International Music Festival”. Important names got on the stage such as Toto Cutugno, Thomas Anders, Ray Charles, Christina Aguilera and Kylie Minogue.

Follow the beautifully ornamented and painted baroque structures to get a look inside of the Black Church, the largest gothic church in Romania. The name was given by the fact that flame and smoke blackened the walls in a great fire.

In the nearby, the Council House, St. Nicholas Church, the First Romanian School museum represent significant monuments in the city’s religious and cultural history. Also, another interesting thing for tourists to mark on their agenda is the Rope Street, the narrowest street in Romania.

Get to see Catherine’s Gate and Schei Gate, surviving from medieval times. The Black Tower offers great opportunities to take photos of city. There is The White Tower, Weaver’s Bastion and Brasov’s Fortress, a part of the outer fortification system.

Because the town is situated at the foot of the mount Tampa, there are several hiking trails starting near the old center. The mountain top gives a perfect sightseeing spot of Brasov.

Just 12 km away, Romania’s most famous skiing resort, Poiana Brasov, gives winter sports fans unforgettable moments with great accommodation, restaurants, clubs and bars. Predeal, other important mountain resort is located at 25 km away.

The city of Brasov provides a mix of medieval history, wonderful scenery and dynamic modern life, therefore is one thing not to miss in the heart of Transylvania.




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