Fagaras – a picturesque city

The city of Fagaras is a tourist area with natural dowry, cultural and historic and unique values ​​of rural communities. This place can provide unforgettable vacations for any kind of tourist.

The city of Fagaras is a picturesque mountain town in Transylvania. Out of Fagaras to Brasov is the geographical center of Romania. The settlement was certificate in 1291 under the name Fogoros. In Hungaryan etymology the word ”Forgos” means “place with many partridges”..From a geographically point of view, the city of Fagaras is situated in the Land of Fagaras, one of the oldest and one of the most important  ethno-cultural places from Romania.

Fagaras Citadel

This citadel was built in 1310, as a point of defense against attacks Tatars and Turks. In 1599 Mihai Viteazu occupied Fagaras Citadel. After that he gave it to his wife, Lady Stanca, together with the related field. Over time, this citadel was a barracks military prison, bishop’s residence and jail opponents of the communist system. In 1965 the stronghold is restored and preserved at today’s stage. 

St. Nicholas Church

It is an Orthodox church built by St. Constantin Brancoveanu. St. Nicholas Church is the oldest place of worship in Fagaras. This church is built in Brancoveanu’s Renaissance style. It has the shape of a ship, and it’s interesting to discover it.

Museum Land of Fagaras

This museum was founded since 1923 based on heritage Collectibles by Professor Valer. The museum carries on an ongoing historical and ethnographically research area, enrichment, conservation and scientific patrimony. It has a mixed profile: history, ethnography and art. In the museum’s collection it can be found: archaeology, weapons, coins, tiles, old books, documents, lapidary, glass factory, decorative arts and arts, folk pottery, costumes and other more tourists can see only if they will visit this museum.

Fagaras Monuntanins

They are among the highest mountains in the country, Moldoveanu Peak having 2,544 meters. These peaks are separated by deep valleys and they are traversed by Transfagarasan. This is a two-lane road that stretches over a distance of 90 kilometers and climbs to 2042 meters altitude. Mountains are covered with unique sights, waterfalls and glacial lakes, landscapes and endless panoramas. In this place travelers will fell closer to the sky. 

Blue Lagoon Basin

This Leisure Complex is open to all categories of entertainment and relaxation amateurs. It consists in four heated swimming pool and together forms a heart. The pool is equipped with massage chairs inside the aquatic bar. There was appointed slides and trampolines for all visitors. Besides pool tourist can find campsite for picnic. Land of Fagaras has everything a tourist wants to find: architecture, museums, nature, water. This city can satisfy almost every taste, making it a perfect place to explore.

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