Gura Humorului – nature’s wonderland

Gura Humorului is a beautiful city, known as an important touristic center of Suceava district, Bucovina region. It is a significant wood center of exploitation and industrialization.

Its name comes from the Humor Creek which flows in Moldavia River. Gura Humorului is for the first time mention in a document in the 15th century in an act sent by Stephen the Great’s chancellery. Officially becomes a city in 1904.Travellers can start the trip with the Church Saint Emperor Constantine and Elena from the 19th century. This church is destroyed in the Second World War but is rebuilt with the help of the people. In this church exists an icon and people from Romania believe that can make miracles.

From here tourist can go and see the monument Olga Kobyleanska’s bust. This monument is dedicated to Ukrainian writer Olga Kobyleanska. The bust monument was made in Ukraine and contains information about life and writer’s work.

For those who want to find more about old traditions and culture of this city, Folk Customs Museum in Bucovina has all the answers. Inside of the museum, visitors can experience a journey in spiritual universe of the village from the 19th century.

Here people can found information about old calendar holidays, holidays explicit practices and an interesting gallery of Georges Cotos. “Georges Cotos” gallery contains 200 painting that use bursts of colors.

Humor Monastery is situated just six kilometers away of Gura Humorului. This beautiful and unique painted monastery is part of the UNESCO heritage and its predominant color is red. Just like other pained monasteries, Humor Monastery uses the fresco technique for the inside and outside paintings.

Close to the Gura Humorului is located another important religious edifice – Voronet Monastery. Tourists are going to be delighted by the exterior frescoes, intense and luminous colors and the unique painting figures on azure. The legend of this place of worship says that Stephen the Great come at the Voronet to seek advice to the Archimandrite Daniel. He wins the battle against Turks and kept his promise – he build a new church dedicate to Saint George, patron of his victory.

Gura Humorului provides beautiful natural reservations such as Piatra Pinului Geological Reservation on which is preserves traces of life for the old ocean that existed on the region, Piatra Soimului with its scenic cliff and Birch Forest from where tourists can see panorama  of the city.

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