Sinaia – the perfect mountain getaway

Needless to say about one of the best attractions in Romania, Sinaia is a town situated in a historical region, on the Prahova Valley. It is located 120 km from Bucharest and 50 km from Brasov. As one of the most old and famous tourist resorts in Romania, Sinaia gets its name after Sinaia Monastery, around which it was built. Surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, the city can be explored during summer and winter time, as a perfect destination for hiking or skiing. The vicinity of the Bucegi Mountains gives the tourists great ways to start their journey in the deep forests, with hiking routes in good conditions. The numerous cabins found on the plateau of the mountain give the travelers accommodation and a warm meal.  Also, there are plenty of possibilities for winter sports along Prahova Valley, due to heavy snow in the winter time. With a position that connects Transylvania to Muntenia (the southern part of Romania), Sinaia has represented an important village since old times. It is first documented around the year of 1200. In fact, King Carol I of Romania built the summer residence for the royal family, Peles Castle, near Sinaia. A town filled with historical monuments and breathtaking landscape – what a perfect mountain getaway!

In the city of Sinaia there are lots of interesting places to visit, starting with the Peles and Pelisor Castle, home of Romania’s royal family, an architectural jewel built between 1873 and 1914. King Carol I of Hohenzollern attempted to imitate the Bavarian style of his homeland creating this beautiful palace.  You can’t miss the Sinaia Monastery, named after Mount Sinai by one Romanian nobleman. Old Orthodox Church, serves as testimony for the historic importance of the village. Also, one important monument is the Sinaia Casino, located in “Dimitrie Ghica” park, built at the initiative of King Carol around year 1912. Here are some monuments of national interest found in Sinaia: The Dimitrie Ghica park and Bucegi Reserve Museum, George Enescu Memorial House, one of Romania’s greatest composer and musician; Carmen Sylva Cultural Center, Heroes Cemetery, Franz Joseph and Saint Anne cliffs, and the Sinaia railway station. For sports enthusiasts, hiking possibilities are infinite, Sinaia offers 16 ski slopes and a cable car connecting Bucegi Mountains with Cota 1400 and 2000, and many many more. One of the main festivals that takes place every year in Sinaia is “Sinaia Forever” or the Autumn Festival. During the first weekend of September the city wishes to recreate the old atmosphere of the 1940’s bringing to light modern performers and spectacular fun in the heart of the Carpathians. Other festivals happening in Sinaia are the International Guitar Festival and International Violin Competition.  Leaving behind the exquisite beauty of Sinaia, there are some more interesting places to visit in the neighbourhood: Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s home, a point of reference in the Romanian tourism, Cantacuzino Castle, Caraiman Monastery and Rasnov Fortress, a very well preserved attraction.

If you’re looking for a getaway in the mountains, enjoying the beautiful scenery in summer as well in winter, or visit the most important historical monuments in the heart of Romania, Sinaia is your holiday destination!

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