The city of Borsa – the city between mountains

Borsa is a city from Maramures region where tourists can discover and enjoy Rodna Mountains. It is situated between two important protected places, National Park from Maramures Mountains and National Park from Rodnei Mountains.

The name of this city was for the first time mentioned in the 14th century and it was said that this place was part of   Bogdanestilor nation domains. An important incident from the 18th century was revealed when Borsa citizens won against the Tartars. Led by the archpriest Sandor Lupu, citizens stopped the Tartars and won the battle.

As part of  Borsa city are Baia Borsa – an important mine where was extracted copper, silver and lead , and Borsa Resort – a touristic attraction best known for its alpine landscapes and extreme sports.

Borsa is a real healing space for people who suffer for lung diseases, because of its clean air, forests and heights. Natural treatments are used for sick persons. Besides all these, Borsa has mineral waters, and volcanic outputs. If people suffer from urinary, digestive or kidney diseases they can recover by drinking mineral waters rich in iron, calcium, magnesium.

Rodnei Montains, Maramuresului Mountains and Tibau Mountains  protect this region just like a fortress.  Full of path perfect for skis, snowboards or even sleighs, this place give to all visitors a dose of epinephrine required to start the adventure.  Also, guests can find here the tallest natural springboards form entire Europe, with a high of 133 meters.

The city of Borsa offers interesting attractions such as the Wooden Church “Saints Archangels”. This church dates from 1700 and was painted by unknown artists. It has numerous printings that prove the connections with Moldavia and the Land of Romania.

National Park Rodnei Mountains is the biggest protected area from Carpathians and hosts a large number of categories of flora, fauna and glacial relicts.

Reservation Bad Rock will impress its visitors by the highest waterfall named Horses Cascade. Also here, tourists can delight with a numerous species of “lion’s foot” (flower) and other rare plants and animals.

Cornul Nedeii Ciunfii Balasinei is an unheard reservation under the management of National Parc Maramuresului Mountans. This reservation was made to protect birch roosters.

This blessed place by divinity is perfect for a vacation for all travelers. Mountains, clean air and all experiences can transform a normal day into a spectacle and a relaxation day.  If visitors enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, this is a great place for fun.

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