The village of Malancrav – revival of tourist attractions

The village of Malancrav is a small place where traditions are still preserved and tourists don’t feel the need of modern activities. It is situated in Sibiu County at 25 km from Sighisoara.

Malancrav is home to Prince Charles’s “Mihai Eminescu Foundation”, and has one of the largest Saxon populations in the Transylvanian village. It was first mentioned for the first time in the 14th century, as Apafi royal family’s property. In the documents this place appears as a stock-man’s village under Apafi family. Two members from this royal family ruled Transylvania in 17th century.  Malancrav is a Saxon settlement that was offered by Hungarian emperor to his nobles. Thru a Royal Decree from 18th century, Apafi’s properties enter in the Bethlen noble family possession.

This village has a beautiful church that travelers can discover only if they decide to visit it. Saint Mary Church was built by the villages lead by Apafi laird in the 15th century. It has a Romanic style and 20 meters of fresco in central nave which is the biggest fresco from the entire church. Frescoes from the central nave and choir are beautiful and well-preserved and can be discovered and enjoyed by all visitors.

Today, visitors can see the Apafi Mansion, the house where Apafi family leaved. Unfortunately, they didn’t have heirs, and in the end the Bethlen noble family takes this mansion. During time suffered different changes and remakes about form, but in the 20th century the edifice becomes a Saxon property. Since 2000, it’s a guest’s house composed by five rooms, a library, a balcony and a wonderful garden with artesian well.

Also, Malancrav provides a great landscape, traditional buildings and organic juice and famous apple-based soup, and is a destination tourists should see at least once. Besides edifices that take travelers in other dimensions, Malancrav has also ecological apples and natural juice for energy recovery. On these soils grow old varieties of apples that are made in the factory from Malancrav orchard.

Tourists are invited to sleep in one of the four traditional guest’s houses. Because a successful trip is when tourists see and learn new things, the locals from the village of Malancrav offers a workshop per day. For example, in a day travelers can see how its make baskets from twigs, in another day people can see how the homemade bread or homemade liquor is made. The culture of Malancrav manifested in its traditions, language, handicrafts, ethics, arts and lifestyle delivers a unique experience.


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