Aiud is a small but beautiful city from Alba-Iulia, Transylvania region. It makes the connection between Alba-Iulia and Cluj and its rare beauty makes it perfect for a trip.

In Antiquity, the city of Aiud was a Roman settlement with the name “Brucla”. The first attestation of this city was in the 13th century when population was mostly Saxon. Aiud city becomes the most important, cultural and learning center of Calvinism religion from this area.

Visitors can see the wonderful Aiud Fortress, the oldest urban citadel from Transylvania. This fortress was built in two stages and in the first stage, the 14th century; the Saxons constructed a fortified church just like other citadels did. Aiud Fortress was made on the place of a Roman settlement.

This fortress had nine towers that took the name of clubs that owned them.These are: Gate Tower, Butchers’ Tower, Tower Locksmiths, Tailors Tower, Tower Kalendas, Shoemakers Tower, Potters Tower, Tower furriers and Coopers Tower. Also, the fortress hosts Calvin Reformed Church made in Gothic style.

Students Monument can be discovered by visitors in the city’s park. This monument was built in the memory of students that died in fights against Habsburgs. Now has a local historic value in stone canopy form.  In the interior there is an altar stone with the college oval emblem. All students names can be found on this local monument.

In the old Princely Palace, travelers can find the History Museum of Aiud which holds collections about history and archeology’s place. This museum consist in four rooms where public can admire sculptural and epigraph monuments from the Daco-Roman age. Other things that can be seen here are the vestiges of Paleolithic and beginning of the t Iron Age and pieces of bronze storage. Museum delights the viewer’s eyes with temporary exhibitions about art and ethnography.

Museum of Natural Science from Aiud is the oldest museum on this category from Romania. It had four rooms on where tourist can find precious stones and gemstones, fossils of marine snails and fossilized Palmer leaf. Also, viewers can see dinosaur fossils, fauna animals, sized alligator, and baby in mother’s womb and animals with malformations.

Strong essences are held in small bottles and this thing fits perfectly with the city of Aiud. Surrounded with historical facts and rare monuments is perfect to be visited in one day.

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