Black Sea Coast – the southern beauty of Romania

Discover Romania in a tour travel to the Black Sea Coast, another beautiful part of the country that possesses all the things a tourist needs to enjoy his holiday. The coastline is among the most spectacular regions, offering stunning scenery.

With a total length of 245 kilometers, the Romanian coast stretches from north of the border with Ukraine, to the south, on the border with Bulgaria. For more of half of its extent starting with the northern tip and reaching near Navodari, the Romanian coastline is dominated by the spectacular Danube Delta and the coastal lakes.

The other part, starting from Capul Midia and reaching Vama Veche near the Bulgarian border is owned by the sandy beaches. This portion of littoral is the area most frequented by tourists. Also, the road distance between the capital, Bucharest and coastal area (the city Constanta) is 225 km.

The wonderful weather from spring to autumn and the large stretches of golden sand make the Romanian seaside resorts at the Black Sea an ideal destination for holidays at sea. Tourists can choose between 15 resorts that offer a little something to everyone’s taste, from the perfect tan, to water sports or fun until sunrise.

Among the most popular resorts are Mamaia, Eforie, Neptun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mangalia. Mamaia is the biggest and the most elegant. With a large sandy beach, here you can find luxurious hotels, bars and clubs but also fancy restaurants with exceptional dishes. The second one, Eforie, is famous for its high shore and mudbaths at Techirghiol Lake. The tourists cannot miss the most important city, Constanta that has an international airport, a very active seaport and the possibility to take the two-hour train to Bucharest.

Famous for its beauty centers, Mangalia also offers plenty of things to see and discover, like visiting the ruins of Ancient Greece. Saturn and Jupiter are among the newer and modern resorts, including Neptun that is bordered by an enchanting forest and two lakes.

Hotels, shops, ancient monuments, splendid casinos and interesting museums make the Black Sea Coast a top attraction in Romania. Another remarkable fact about the Romanian seashore is the remains of Ancient Greece and Roman civilization found at every step. The Greek colonists built here thriving port cities that knew an important development in the 6th century BC like Histria, Tomis or Callatis.

The Roman legacy was also preserved and can be seen even nowadays. In Constanta, the tourists can visit a vast Roman complex with charming mosaics, ruins of the former public baths but also workshops. Mangalia owns a valuable collection of ancient monuments and all across the city the ruins of walls and columns built by the Greek can be observed.

The highlights of the tour travel on the Black Sea Coast are the famous miraculous cures found here. The Romanian and foreign tourists come to treat various diseases like arthritis, rheumatism, of the nervous system and many more. The beauty centers from Eforie and Mangalia use the mud collected from the salt lakes for rejuvenating treatments.

Therefore, if you find yourselves wanting to visit Romania, you should definitely not miss the Black Sea Coast, a unique destination that captures the natural scenery and the legacies of the most famous ancient civilizations.

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