Homorod – an old Saxon place

Locality of Homorod is a picturesque place close to municipality of Sighisoara and Brasov. Is part of the Szekely Land and preserved its traditions and buildings.

It is for the first time attested when settlers from Flanders established close to the village of Homoror in the 11th century. They had German origin and they named the locality “Petersdorf” after Saint Peter, who was also the church patron.

This locality has a spa which contains carbonated and healthy mineral waters. Homorod is located on Homorodul Mare River and Bailor Creek. Here are 12 springs very appreciated for its water that is still consumed. It is still considered that this water was used in the Roman occupation times.

Homorod is a place where tourists can discover the Fortified Evangelic Church Homorod, a medieval fortified church that was never conquered. The “Hamerodia” name appears for the first time in the 15th century in Rupea ecclesiastical register. This thing explained that initially the church was situated in the east of the commune. The locality of Homorod is hosting of the limited Romanesque Church Wage from the 13th century.

This edifice contains a closed choir, a semicircular arch in a small room and frescoes paintings. The church has the first rectangular enclosure and is surrounding with corner towers. On the west tourist can see a small Gate Tower that guards the entrance. On the south, there is a spiral staircase that goes in the attic from where travelers can see the beautiful landscape.

The real defense of the Homorod Church is the donjon tower. Is situated above the chit and is built from stone blocks and has walls of 3 meters. On the inside of the church mature men usually stay in the tribune on the north side, elders on the ground floor hall and women in the center of the edifice. The downy of the church has an organ, furniture and worship that are made on Baroque style and candlesticks and the pews, with a Transylvanian influence. Close to Homorod village, visitors can see Roman fortification ruins from around the 2th century. Foldvar Ruins are two remains that are now archaeological reserves registered as monuments of the city of Harghita.

Locality of Homorod is full of tranquility and is perfect for a truly relaxing break.

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