Hunedoara – one of the oldest and richest regions of Transylvania

Discover Transylvania with our tour travel in Hunedoara, in the southwestern part, near the Poiana Rusca Mountains, a region filled with old history and breathtaking landscapes. First documented in the year of 1265, the County will meet an important development and will play a great role in Romania’s history.

There are proofs of human settlements during the middle Ages, especially in the Iron Age, when the region was dominated by the Geto-Dacian civilization, and then of the Daco-Roman, after the Roman conquest. Very rich in iron, the area was well-known from ancient times because of its earth resources and riches. So, the Dacians built a fortress near Orastie Mountains, Sarmizegetusa, and the most important political and religious center in Dacia.

The discovery of Roman imperial coins and monetary treasures of Dacian population attest the great importance of this region and strong economical contact between two civilizations and not only. This fact is known with the help of a “villa rustica” on the Sanpetru hill where there was a Roman fort belonging to the Legion XIII Gemina. Also, other vestiges of that age are found in the villages Cincis, Pestisul Mare or Ghelari.

Moreover, in the 13th century the city of Hunedoara became a significant iron extracting and processing center in Transylvania. During the following centuries, the fortress of Hunedoara had an important military activity. It became the royal residence of the Hunyadi family and it was given by the king on Hungary, Sigismund of Luxembourg. After that, the development of the region was blooming.

Iancu de Hunedoara gives the Hunyadi Castle a new look, rebuilding the Knight’s Hall and the Diet Hall in Neogothic style. His son, the most famous Hungarian king, Matias Corvin continued the work and consolidated the construction and the domain of Hunedoara.

Hunyadi Castle represents one of the biggest and well preserved medieval buildings in Europe and serves as testimony of the greatness of Matias Corvin’s noble family. In this tour travel, it represents the main attraction as the most impressive monument of medieval art.

Discover Transylvania in a journey in the Orastie Mountains or the region of Hateg (where the old Roman Capital was founded). Poiana Rusca Mountains are a splendid view and they are inhabited by an ancient Romanian population named woodlanders.

After the 18th century, the city of Hunedoara comes across the development of an authentic Romanian spirituality. Numerous Orthodox churches and monasteries appeared giving the region religious importance such as the ones from Cerna, Prislop, Cincis, Zlasti, Plosca or Manerau.

Other main objectives in the county of Hunedoara are the Fortress of Deva (Cetatea Deva), medieval monument that will give the taste of history lessons. The Retezat National Park is one of the most important in Romania, where you can admire natural beauties of spectacular flora and fauna.

Nonetheless, because of the mountain relief there are plenty of caves and mountain resorts perfect for the lovers of winter sports or explorers. Tourists can benefit of good accommodation, hospitality and get to know impressive traditions of the area.

Discover Transylvania in a memorable tour travel in Hunedoara, a piece of Romania’s oldest and richest history where you will discover both the beauty of the landscape and legacies of the people living there.

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