International Airport from Cluj-Napoca gives you wings to fly

Cluj-Napoca is the second most crowded city in Romania, after Bucharest – Romania’s capital. Cluj-Napoca is located in the heart of Transylvania and is a multicultural European city and a significant endpoint for business in South-Eastern Europe. Cluj-Napoca has an extraordinary potential for foreign investments and is the residence city of Cluj County.

Thanks to splendor of the city, tourism branch is every time afoot. In 2007, the hotel industry in the county of Cluj offered total accommodations of 6,472 beds, of which 3,677 were in hotels, 1,294 in guesthouses and the rest in chalets, or hostels. A total of 700,000 visitors, 140,000 of whom were foreigners, stayed overnight. However, a considerable share of visits is made by those who visit Cluj-Napoca for a single day, and their exact number is not known.

The largest numbers of foreign visitors come from Hungary, Italy, Germany, United States, France, and Austria. This scale tourism is growing up day by day thanks to Avram Iancu International Airport Cluj, which flights are practically non- stop.

The International Airport connects Cluj with 43 cities from all over the world, offering straight flights. The main airlines are Lufthansa, Tarom, WizzAir, Blue Air, ASL Airlines, and LOT Polish Airlines S.A.

It’s important to know that Autonomous Cluj International Airport, subordinates Cluj County Council since 1997, and is the second airport of the country and the first regional airport in Romania.

Cluj County has about 700,000 inhabitants. From this point of view, Cluj-Napoca airport can be compared to airports in European cities such as Geneva and Stuttgart, which recorded annual 12 million and 9 million passengers.

Now, Cluj airport is in the 2nd place in Romania in terms of passenger numbers, after the airports from Bucharest – Henri Coanda International Airport and Bucharest Baneasa International Airport. Within a radius of 170 km around the city live about 3 million potential passengers, whose facility is a key focus for Cluj International Airport.

Also, Avram Iancu airport has received during time several awards: Diploma of business excellence, Diploma of Excellence in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015. Furthermore International Airport “Avram Iancu” Cluj R.A. ranks II among member companies of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cluj, Finmedia granted Avram Iancu International Airport Cluj the “award for permanent concern for development and modernization” in 2010.

The mission of this airport is to “Strengthened our position as one of the most important airports in Eastern Europe, which offers airlines worldwide through safe and quality services.” Cluj International Airport promotes personal values like: safety, security, professionalism, commitment, responsibility, excellency.

Discover Transylvania, home for the most of Europe’s well-preserved medieval places, with one of your favorite airlines.

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