Miclosoara – the land of Kalnoky family

Miclosoara is a village located in Covasna district and is an appreciated place by Prince of Wales for its traditions. District of Covasna, known as the “Land of Three Seats”, is proud to have Miclosoara as an interesting tourist attraction. This locality was for the first time mentioned in a document in the 13th century as an administrative part of Baraolt city. Nowadays, in this place travelers can find Castle of Kalnoky, the property of Tibor Kalnoky.
There is a legend about Kalnoky family in which it is said that a long time ago, around 800 years ago, Hungarian king from that times went hunting in this places. A bear attacked him, but the king was saved by the arch of one of his companions. The Hungarian king was saved and he gave to his protector domains in Miclososara and the count title. The savior was a Szekler that had the name Kalnoky. Family Kalnoky became the richest one from that area and the bear killed by an arch remained the family’s emblem. Kalnoky members had important functions in those times. Some of them were vice royal judges and count Grof Kalnoky Denes (1814-1888) was the regal judge of Covasna.
Kalnoky Castle dates from the 14th century and was used as a haunting residence. Its style combines Neoclassical, Baroque and Renaissance and is composed by 12 rooms. Just like other castles, this one was taken by communist supporters and used as a communal house and a stable.
Descendants of Kalnoky noble family came back in the village and opened a pension to attract the tourists. As a tradition of this place is a carnival on witch locals used masks and walks through streets. A carload was used to pledge two straw dolls, one dress in a man and one in women.
Tibor Kalnoky, descendant of a Kalnoky family opened the gates of this castle for all tourists. Now, Kalnoky Castle is a museum where visitors can discover how people from those times lived. Tourists can also found Szekler’s crafts and traditions. Count Tibor Kalnoky offers to all travelers two professional binoculars for bird watching. Tourists can see rare species of birds and can read more about ornithology in the library.
Miclosoara village transformed all tourists in guests and showed all history that this place had. Without technology, this place was made to remind people about the communion between nature and human.

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