Mila 23 Village – touristic center of Danube Delta

Mila 23 Village is the place from where tourist can start their unique visit around Danube Delta. Located in Tulcea district, Dobrogea region, the place wins a lot of attention because of its central position in the Delta.

People from Mila 23 are Lipovan Russians. Old people from the village say that first citizens that came and settled here ran out from Russia. In old times, Mila 23 was a very important navigation point and rest area for ships and boats that came from Sulina and Tulcea. The name of the village comes from the Mila 23 (English: Mile 23) a navigation point. Mila 23 is located halfway way between Tulcea and Sulina, so people that usually go to Tulcea, spend the night here.

Even that Danube Delta is the youngest Romanian portion of land, archaeological excavations find out artifacts from 4.400 – 4.300 before Christ. Using the artifacts they discover that residences from this place practiced agriculture and livestock.

With a unique charm, Mila 23 has old houses made in Lipovan style. Houses are built using natural materials and painted with traditional Lipovans colors white and blue. Believers say that the blue color also known as “siniliu” (English: bluish) came from sky color and closeness to God. Locals from this place say that this bluish color is perfect to keep away mosquitoes. Because fishing is the primary occupations of people from Mila 23, they are known as the most talented fishermen from Danube Delta area.

The fame of Mila 23 Village expands abroad with the help of canoeist Ivan Patzaichin, canoeist Sergei Covalinov, kayaker Agaphia Buhaev and Culina Popov. They bring home a remarkable number of world, Olympic, and European medals.  Because these athletes have relatives in Mila 23, tourists that come here can discover interesting stories from their childhood.

Mila 23 Village provides a magical place to visit Danube Delta far away from cosmopolitan cities and cars. For those who enjoy bird watching or photography, they can discover close to the village a pelican colony from Rosca – Buhaiova. These birds offer a great show when they fly under the village and surroundings.  Also here, tourists need to visit the canals and ponds from Mila 23 area. For those who want to learn how to fish, locals can teach them the art of fishing in just a few days.

Discover a unique and traditional place located in the heart of Danube Delta.

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