Olt Valley – the most beautiful valley in Romania

Romanian picturesque areas are perfect places for relaxing in open air with family or friends. One of the most marvelous place in Romania is Olt Valley (Romanian: Valea Oltului) which is a popular destination for tourists cheers to its picturesque locations.

Valea Oltului is located on the Lower Olt River crossing Skull Mountain, Lotru and Fagaras Mountains. The important fact is that the total length is approximately 47 km. In historical books the Olt Valley had an important meaning for Romanian territory named in that moment – Dacia. The place had a military function – strategic and commercial, connecting Transylvania to the Danube.

After archeological excavations were discovered here Rome camp known as: Arutela, near Massif Cozia. During the excavations, archaeologists found also many other objects, such as inscriptions, weapons, coins and vessels that are exposed to the Military Museum in Bucharest.

Following this discovery, Arutela camp has become a historical monument, currently being placed here the Museum of History from Ramnicu Valcea.

Another important vestige discovered on Olt Valley is the mass of Trajan, rocky mountain dew arrangement hydroelectric Olt. In our days, here remained only a small island in the river waters. According to a legend, it is said that on this rock the Emperor Trajan had a dinner when he arrived during the campaign of conquest around the years of 105-106.

Currently, Olt Valley is an area developed in terms of tourism, offering many options of leisure. Beautiful landscapes, monasteries, hiking and mountain trails, friendly people and curative baths are just a few of the things that have made this region known both in the country and abroad.

Olt Valley had a lot of tourist’s attractions that encourage travelers to visit this territory. One of these places is National Park Cozia (Romanian: Parcul National Cozia). It is situated in the southern Carpathians known for its beautiful protected natural area tourism and scientific interest.

Here, visitors can find exquisite views. Also, the park has a lot of interesting plant species protected by law: edelweiss or white ivy. Moreover in these places can be found animals like wild cats, lynx, chamois or stag.

For courageous travelers can be funnier to take a trip on hiking trails in the area. The National Park Cozia trippers can visit Lotrisor River, a tributary of the Olt River Falls. A cascade is located in the central part of the park – southern Carpathians area, at an altitude of 500 meters, measuring around 30 meters in length.

Olt Valley is an interesting place for family, offering a lot of adventures, unforgettable days and special moments.

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