Prahova Valley – most renowned tourist region in the Carpathians

Discover Romania in the beautiful Prahova Valley, a famous mountain region located in the Carpathian Mountains, on the Prahova River trail. The valley is situated in the south-east part of Romania, in the heart of Muntenia, and is about 100 km north of the capital city of Bucharest.

The region has its point of origin in Piatra Mare, forming between Predeal and Campina one of the biggest and spectacular narrow passes in Romania. This tour travel will take you in the most visited areas in the Carpathians, where plenty of tourist resorts are being found.

The climatic conditions associated with the particular natural landscape make the valley an important region, very frequented by tourists, where the mountain resorts found here are the favorite destinations for winter sports lovers, but of those who love the mountain as well.

With the varieties of accommodation possibilities, endowments, services and facilities offered, it represents one of the most visited areas showing a big concentration of resorts. Like Sinaia, the former residence of the royal family, Busteni, Azuga and Predeal, in Brasov County.

Another great part of Prahova County is the Bucegi Massif, the most grandiose mountain of this part of the country because of its height and massiveness. It was declared a National Park, preserving spectacular natural forms of relief like the famous ones: The Sphinx, The Old Women or the Lonely Stones.

Every year, lots of tourists admire the natural background, the rich alpine vegetation and fauna found in the Bucegi Mountains. Moreover, the massif has marked paths, cabins and chalets and also ski slopes.

In this tour travel, you will find the ideal holiday place in every season, whether you like skiing or hiking. Prahova Valley houses major sights like Peles Castle, Caraiman Cross, The Old Women and The Sphinx, Cantacuzino Castle and many more.

Also, the city of Busteni is located in the foothills of Bucegi Mountains and is one of the most visited in Romania. It provides opportunities for winter sports and picturesque panoramas.

Other important tourist resorts and towns are Sinaia, known as the Pearl of Carpathians. It is famous for its modern ski slopes, treatments available here, and the royal tourist attractions: Peles and Pelisor Castle, built by King Carol I, Sinaia Casino,  and Sinaia Monastery. Beyond the beauty of the landscape that delights the eyes of viewers at every step of the way, the valley is rich in cultural buildings, religious and architectural edifices.

Nonetheless, Prahova Valley is one of the most beautiful regions in Romania, situated in the most picturesque area of the Carpathians, with fabulous views, welcoming people, historical towns and dreamy mountain resorts.

As that, tourism is an important activity in these parts of Prahova county. This tour travel will provide you luxury hotels, welcoming guest houses, castles, museums, slopes, restaurants or bars, and many other things that your soul will enjoy.

Discover Romania in the valley where Prahova River makes its way, a destination in the mountains where you can’t get bored.


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