Ramet Gorges – a great place for adventure

Ramet Gorges (Romanian: Cheile Rămețului) are located at the exit of Trascau Mountains, among Trascau, Urmezu and Vulturilor Peaks, were was shaped a gorges area of 1 km in length. Trascau Mountains are part of Apuseni Mountains.

This remarkable narrow gorges seems to be made by collapsing of a few hundred meters cave ceiling and can be maintained by the circumstance that the keys have a transverse V-profile, wider at the top.

Ramet Gorges is located in Transylvania, Alba County, close to Ramet village. The keys developed at the east of Trascau Mountains, with altitudes between 1000 and 1600 meters, on the middle flow of the Ramet Rivulet. This area is an important environmental touristic attraction in the Apuseni Mountains, part of part of the Western Carpathians from Transylvania. The highest peak is Curcubata Mare, known as Bihor Peak, with an altitude of 1849 meters. Ramet Rivulet is also called Geoagiului Valley.

On the entire distance of the gorges, there are traces of an old tunnel-shaped cave. The gradual collapse of the cave ceiling eased the further development of the valley.

Ramet Gorges are pretty narrow, with sharp walls. At the base of the walls there can be found many caves’ entries. The roof presents a great distribution, both in water and suspended, which replicates the stages of deepening of the river phases in the mineral ridge. The most extraordinary are established in the region named La Cuptoare, where the gorges are very narrow, having around 3-4 meters. In the central part of the gorges, tourist can find a tunnel with a length of about 15 meters and a height of 4-5 meters.

Due to the remarkable scenery and to the exceptional karst components, in 1969 Ramet Gorges have been entitled Geological, Paleontological and Speological Reservation. According to specialists, the reserve consists of calcareous massifs since late Jurassic.

Because of the rocky relief, the gorges can be discovered only along the water during the summer, with a good information of the region and a great training. After leaving Ramet Gorges, around 3 km downstream, Ramet Rivulet forms new valleys, nearby the Ramet Monastery. Though having a length of about 100 meters, these ravines are remarkable, having the presence of a huge gateway. Hills have a V-shaped crosswise profile, wide open at the highest level, offering many and caves. There are here more than 400 caves in the Apuseni Mountains area.

The access is made from Ramet Monastery, located 4 kilometers away from Ramet Gorges. The road is paved and is a great experience for nature lovers. Romania has a continental temperate, specific to Central Europe, with four separate: seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Nearby Attractions: Alba Carolina Fortress (around 1 hour), Sibiu (around 1.5 hours), Turda Salt Mine (around 1.5 hours), Cluj-Napoca (around 2 hours).

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