Rodna Mountains is located in the north of Romania in the group of Maramures and Bucovina Carpathians. These mountains has the maximum height of 2.303 meters in Pietrosul Rodnei Peak (in Romanian: Varful Pietrosul Rodnei) and are the most difficult to cross from the Eastern Carpathians.

Rodna Mountains are the only mountains from Eastern Carpathians that well-preserves the traces of Quaternary glaciers. This Quaternary period is the last period from the geological history of the Earth which is known by the appearance of human development and the climatic fluctuations. These beautiful mountains have numerous glacier circuses like Lala Lake, Negoiescu Valey, Iezer Lake, Buhaiescu Lake and many more. Lala Lake looks just like a crystal and displays a breathable show on which Ineu Peak raises high over the valley.

Travelers who decide to visit Rodna Mountains can find here embankments and defiles just like Bisciaoara Embankment, Stramba Defile or Prislop Pass which is the highest thoroughfare from Eastern Carpathians. Prislop Pass is located between Rodna Mountains and Maramures Mountains and makes connection between Maramures Depression and Spring Gold Bistrita (in Romanian Valea Bistritei Aurii).

Rodna Mountains also offers to all tourists who love nature magical cascades such as: Horses Waterfall, Guset Cascade, Cormoaia Cascade, Anies Cascade and Puzdrele.

Besides all this, Rodna Mountains has also many beautiful caves: wild and mysterious Izvorul Tausoarelor Cave; Maglei Cave close to the River of Maglei; Jgheabul lui Zalion Cave; Grota Zanelor Cave; Izvorul Albastru al Izei Cave; Baia lui Schneider Cave. Izvorul Albastru al Izei Cave and the Blue Spring of Iza are part of the protected area which can be found in the east part of Rodna Mountains.

Rodna Mountains hosts the National Park Rodna Mountains which is the second national park from Romania and an important protected area. Biodiversity is the world that best describes this unique place and tourists will be delighted to enjoy all this wonders. Therefore, in this place visitors can discover forests, hay fields, rocks, valleys and also different species of flora and fauna.

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