Romanian heart beats in the Rucar – Bran Pass

The Rucar – Bran Pass, also called in English the Bran Pass, is a mountain pass in Romania, linking Brasov and Arges counties. It has some of the most spectacular natural views in Romania, looking over the Bucegi Mountains of the Southern Carpathians.

In 1382, Bran Castle was built by the Transylvanian Saxons of Brasov to defend the Pass from the Ottomans. In the year 1413, a customs post in the Pass was licensed by the ruler of Wallachia. This charged a duty on all goods brought through the Pass. Southwards the usual trade route ran to Cetateni, branching out to Popesti and Hirsova.

The highest point reaches around 1254 meters.  On the 22.5 km of the Rucar pass, tourists can enjoy the fresh air, tranquility and splendid fairy tale landscape. All year around there is a real show of colors. Also The Rucar – Bran Pass is famous by keeping Romanian traditions. Only here Romanian people and international guests can try the national tasty cheese in fir bark, homemade cheese and whey, buttermilk or lumps of corn mush. The meal is prepared using old techniques inherit from their ancestors and in this way people are interested to taste their dishes. Landladies are very proud of their homemade products and visitors who ask about their appetizing meal will receive full response about recipe.

Tourists who visit this location in the last Saturday in September are very lucky to participate in a festivity named: Sheep Ravishing Feast.

The fete symbolizes the end of the season that is celebrated with traditional dances like: Romanian hora and singing songs. In the Center of Village are organizing competitions which named the shepherd of the year and landlady of the best homemade cheese. Also travelers can see animals exhibit and tasting exhibition of cheese and pastrami which is very popular on this celebrating day.

Another interesting show is the gastronomic exhibition which takes place on the Plateau Queen’s Heart (Romanian: Platoul Inima Reginei) near Bran’s Castle, known worldwide as Dracula’s Castle. Gastronomic exhibition is goodly, because of its traditional household copies:  soft goods, furs, ceramics, breeds of cattle, sheep and horses presentation.

At one’s elbow visitors can visit the splendid Dracula’s Castle, dated from 1212. The medieval castle is known by its Gothic elements and Renaissance pieces. Another tourist attraction is Bats’ Cave, which is located at the altitude of 1000 meters,  and is opening beauty views of Rucar – Bran Pass.

This tour is dedicated to people with high food cravings and nature lovers.

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