Salina Turda – A veritable museum of history of salt mining

Salina Turda salt mine

Located in Durgau – Salt Valley in Turda city, 35 km from Cluj – Napoca, Turda Salt mine is most visited salt mine from Romania.

Back to the salt mines origin, the salt deposits from Transylvania were formed 13,5 million years ago, in a warm tropical climate. Salt layer extends throughout the basement of Transylvania, having a thickness of about 400 m.
Hungarian chancellery in 1075, in a document referring to Transylvania mentions about customs saltpits “the citadel called Turda … the place which is called in Hungarian Aranyas and in Latin Aureus”.

The first document that speaks explicitly of the existence of the Turda salt mines is dated since May 1, 1271, issued by the Hungarian office. The official document was the document that proofs Hungarian office gives Transylvania the treasure named “the salt mine in Turda”.

Documents from XIII – XVI century referring to the salt mine from Turda, are mentioning that the salt mines were arranged in the micro-depression Salt Bath, and the exploitation rooms where located above the current Salt Lakes.

Salina Turda Romania was one of the most important salt mines from Transylvania until 1840, when begin to decline due to strong competition from Ocna Mures – another salt mine located 30 km south.

After World War I, the salt exploitation became state monopoly, but in Salina Turda salt mine the decline of the working in salt mines continues, mainly due to low productivity, and in 1932 they stop the exploitation.
After closing the main the locals forget about its existence until World War II, when the people from the city used the main as a protection.

Since 1950 until 1992 the corridor of the main was used as a cheese deposit by locals. In 1992 it was partially open for visitors.

In 2008 the Turda Salt mine will be part of main project of modernization program, and since January 2010 it’s open for visitors from all over the world.

Salina Turda amusement park is situated inside the oldest salt mine on the planet.

Nowadays its one of the most well preserved salt mining museum, with a lot of modern activities and a place where past and present combine harmoniously.

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