Sebes Valley – a road journey through breathtaking landscapes

Sebes Valley (Romanian: Valea Sebesului) is set on Sebes River course, starting from the city of Sebes and ending close to Surianu Mountains located in the Carpathian Mountains. This wonderful valley creates high mountain slopes among which people can discover small villages. Sebes Valley is also known as the Valley of the Beautiful Woman and has a length of 93 km. It is interesting to know that at the unification of Valley of the Beautiful Woman and Salanele Valley is created an artificial lake made by Oasa Mare Dam.

The name Sebes comes from Hungarian word “sebes” which means quick. Sebes Valley passes through three different relief forms – mountains, Piedmont hills and valleys terraced. The traditional folk costume of Sebes combines the sobriety and elegance of white and black. Traditional customs have pastoralism as a main habit, because Sebes is a hilly region.However the most significant attraction of this place is the landscapes with all its mountain scenery, glacial circuses and natural monuments and reserves.

Transalpina crosses Oasa Mare Dam and offers spectacular scenarios above Valea Sebesului. Also Transalpina connects Sebes city with the city of Novaci. On the road of Transalpina tourists can see the Tau-Bistra Lake and Obreja Dam from Capalna village. Close to Tau-Bistra Dam it can be found the Cliff or the Table Giant/Jew. This is a large stab of crystalline schist which sits in equilibrium on a hilltop.Visiting Sebes Valley area, travelers can discover

Varful lui Patru (2130) which is the highest peak from Sureanu Mountains. From this peak visitors can see and feel the greatness of this wonderful place. For all those who love mountains sports, we recommend Sureanu Mountains zone where there is the “Heaven’s Gate” ski area special made for this winter sport.

Also, in the same area, people can discover Iezerul Sureanu also known as bottomless lake. This glacial lake has a particular color – green turquoise shade and tourist should not miss visiting this beautiful part of Romania.

Cugir-Singidava Citadel is the oldest fortress from Carpathian Mountains and is located on Sebes Valle road. It has an excellent strategically position and in 1868 archaeologists discovered a Dacian hoard of silver coins with approximate 200 coins. On Sugag village visitors can enjoy the Natural Reservation “Luncile Prigoanei” which springs on over 15 hectares.

Sebes Valley is an area unknown by the travelers, but it has plenty tourist attractions waiting to be discovered.

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