The beautiful Wooden Churches of Maramures

Discover Romania in the historic region of Maramures, in the northern part of the country, where great historic edifices rise under the eyes of viewers and visitors. With this tour travel, you will get to learn more about the religious and cultural identity of the Romanian people, dating from ages ago, where centuries old traditions and customs left their mark in these spectacular churches made of wood.

The Wooden Churches are important pieces of architecture, truly impressive creations, full of spirit and historic legacies and stories. The building of such worship places is traced from the beginning of 16th century.

They are found in a great number, but 8 of them were included in the UNESCO Patrimony as World Heritage Sites in the year of 1999. Some of them are almost ancient, others are built more close to the present, but being truly architectural masterpieces, their unique value is recognized in the entire world.

Maramures is a region of Romania with a strong cultural ethnicity and diversity, so this can be seen in the different features of the churches, the wood carving and the ornamentation. All over the northern part of the country, the 8 most important Wooden Churches are:

  • The Wooden Church of Budesti, Josani
  • The Wooden Church of Desesti
  • The Wooden Church of Barsana
  • The Wooden Church of Poienile Izei
  • The Wooden Church of Ieud Deal, Ieud
  • The Wooden Church of Surdesti
  • The Wooden Church of Plopis
  • The Wooden Church of Rogoz

Traveling along the beautiful scenery, the Wooden Churches stand as testimony of a rich heritage in this tour travel, that tourists get to see in their itinerary. Major historical and ecclesiastic monuments, they were masterfully crafted in wood. Narrow, but tall, with long and slim steeples, they have a sacred purpose to unite the people with their religion and faith.

Local tradition, the houses of worship were erected not only by local craftsmen with a great knowledge but specialized carpenters across the centuries, with influences from oppressors who roamed the region.

The Wooden Churches are made in a particular style, the iconography and biblical scenes in their interior are of baroque influences with beautiful paintings preserved very well over the years.

The roof in two levels of the church, and belfry with an open patio are specific architectural elements of the area. The history of Maramures is transmitted through the voice of the wood carved in these churches. They are the particular expression of the local tradition of this mountain area in northern Romania.

Nonetheless, the foreigner rulers of those times didn’t allow the people of the place to build churches from stone or other durable materials that would last for years. But, the villagers were not intimidated so they erected these beautiful wooden churches so that they can be close to God.

Discover Romania in this amazing tour travel, where across picturesque landscapes and cultural diversity, the Wooden Churches of Maramures leave a pleasant memory to visitors every year.




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