The Danube Delta – the breathtaking wilderness of Romania

Discover Romania in the magical land of wildlife, paradise for birds, fish and a lot of different wild species. A tour travel in the Delta will mark your memory with some amazing views and nature spectacles, as you embark either on day trips or boat excursions.

The Danube River that flows from Black Forest in Germany reaches the Black Sea in Romania and forms one of the best preserved biosphere and the second largest deltas of Europe. It is formed around three main channels of the Danube: Chilia, Sulina and Sfantu Gheorghe.

The Delta is definitely one of Romania’s most prized jewels, unique in its wilderness. Situated in the eastern part of the country, it is approximately 100 km long and 100 km wide. The population is divided in 15 localities and two cities, Tulcea and Sulina.

The departing point for an adventure in the delta is usually Tulcea or Sulina, and in between the cities there are several ways for cruising, either with little ships or boats, passing through the nature, fauna and flora of the unique reserve. Tulcea provides good hotels, and also restaurants specific in fish dishes and also the Museum of the Danube Delta.

Thousands of tourists come here annually, to see the nature untouched by human’s hands. Travelers can spend their time exploring the canals or the passages, with boat rides, watching the bird colonies, tree-fringed lakes or reed islands.

The stretches of water and land that formed here offer good life conditions for a large number of plant and animal species. Of all these, the reed forms one of the largest and compact areas in the world. Also, the forests Caraiman and Letea shelter two rare species of oak, numerous willows and other trees.

Along with the large number of aquatic and terrestrial plants you can find here colonies of pelicans and cormorants from China or Africa, even millions from Egypt. Moreover, there are species of white tailed eagles, read-brested geese, wildcats, foxes, or even wolves and deer.

They live here or come to nest during spring time. There is also a rich community of fish and animals, of ecological value and also economical.

Discover the impressive diversity in this tour travel of the Delta, which represents the home for very unique habitats and forms of life. Natural paradise that flows into the Black Sea, the Danube Delta was declared by UNESCO “Biosphere Reserve” in the ‘90’s.

Although at first sight it doesn’t seem as an active ecosystem, it’s an illusion. The beauty of the land is actually in this detail, that the Delta is full of life. The Danube channels are surrounded by reeds and rushes and the waters are decorated with strings of water lilies, landscape that creates a surreal world. The forests on the shores shelter noisy birds and flower bouquets, meadows and fields that complement this mystic paradise.

Discover Romania in a unique tour travel in Danube Delta, enchanting natural ecosystem, which must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

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