The imposing Free Press Building

Free Press Building is an enormous construction located in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. It was the biggest construction between 1956 and 2007. This mega construction waits its tourists to come and see years of culture and history that cross over it.

In the beginning, the building had the name Polygraphic Compound “Casa Scanteii I. V. Stalin” and after a while adopted the name Spark House (Romanian: Casa Scanteii). It’s compound by a central corpus which had 13 floors and 4 side corpses that are smaller than the central one. It was used for Publication state media, especially the ” Spark ” newspaper (Romanian: Scanteia). This was the Romanian Communist Party’s newspaper. The construction was possible with the workers donations that helped the Communist Party to fulfill this dream.

Proud of this new symbol, communists made it appeared on the back of the 100 Ron banknotes from 1952. In terms of architecture, this building used the predominance of Socialist style with Stalinist influences.

The Spark House combines the architecture of State University “Lomonosov” with the hotel “Leningrad”, both from Moscow, and specific religious details from Moldavia and Wallachia. Every corpus side has turrets dedicated to decorate the walls. These turrets have also windows that are associated with old Romanian churches and monasteries frames. On the Principal Tower visitor can see an interesting exterior decoration named “ocnita” that is a recessed rectangular window in the wall. Spark House is the first edifice on which was introduced the calculation of a possible earthquake resistance using some Old Italian Norms. The Antenna from this building was the Romanian television broadcaster, but without it, the construction had only 96 meters.

After 1989 this building becomes the Autonomous Printing “Coresi”. On February 1999 it changed in National Printing Company Coresi also name as Free Press House. From that year this edifice hosts paper editions as “Adevarul”, “Jurnalul National”, “Cotidianul”. This building is also the house of press agency Agerpres and Coresi printing. On September 2, 1960 in front of this construction was built a big statue of Lenin, removed 30 years later. The pedestal is still there.

If you visit Bucharest don’t forget to stop for awhile and admire the beautiful architecture of Free Press Building.

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