The region of Maramures – also known as the Land of Wood

Discover Romania in a unique tour travel in one of the most spectacular parts of the country. A region filled with impressive history, amazing monuments and traditional villages, this is the perfect escape in the heart of the North.

Maramures, also known as the Land of Maramures, is located in the north-western part of Romania, with its county seat in Baia Mare, and has a border with Ukraine and Satu Mare in the west.

With a history rich of thousands of years, the area was occupied by several peoples such as the Indo-Europeans, the Gets and the Dacs, and also Romans and Slavs. A tatar invasion in the XVIII century decimated almost half the population but that didn’t stop Maramures from recovering to being one of the most important traditional area with customs that are still part of daily life.

The beauty of the region is mainly given by the riches and splendor of the natural landscapes. Particularly mountainous relief, the vast number of mountains and large hollows are great for nature and outdoor lovers. There are the Maramures Mountains, Rodnei Mountains, Tiblesului Mountains, Lapusului Mountains and many more. Baia Mare hollow, Baia Sprie hollow, Sighetu Marmatiei hollow and the West Hills represent major points for visiting in the area.

The heart of the region stays here, where the human managed to combine the harmony of the nature with the artistry that it was given to build wooden churches, houses and majestic gates that are so specific. That is why Maramures is also called the Land of Wood.

The locals perfected the industry of the wood, known all over Romania, with the beauty of the houses with tall gates filled with decorations, also completely made out of wood churches and monasteries. Therefore, 8 of these places of worship, having the oldest tallest towers in Europe, were included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Besides these tourist attractions and remarkable monuments, the region of historical Maramures will always delight the visitors in this tour travel with different other attractions. Like the pottery and the handicraft centers in Sacel and Breb, the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta, Barsana and Moisei monasteries. The Merry Cemetery is world famous for its decorated blue wooden crosses that capture humorous verses written to offer the essential elements – the good and the imperfections of the deceased person. The folk ancestors of the town considered death as a beginning, a journey that the man will take when the time comes. So, the town is filled with spiritual philosophy, fascinating handicrafts, and a lot of great wooden churches waiting to be discovered.

Another great thing to do in Maramures is to take the last functional narrow-gauge steam train, called Mocanita, from Viseu de Sus. It runs along a scenic road, allowing the passengers to take great pictures.

The many ski slopes in Borsa, Cavnic, Mogosa and others, the resorts in Borsa, Ocna Sugatag or Costiui offer the tourists unforgettable times. There is also the Rodnei Mountains National Park, a natural reservation included in the UNESCO Patrimony, the Maramures Mountains National Park, some relaxing and treatment spas, Hungary castles, or monasteries.

Discovering Romania with a trip in the Land of Maramures, will be the highlight of this tour travel, in a region that captures the history and soul of the local traditions.





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