The Romanian Orthodox Patriarchal Cathedral

The Romanian Orthodox Patriarchal Cathedral is a place of worship for all Romanian Orthodox being located on Metropolitan Hill in Bucharest. Wallachia ruler Serban Basarab is the first person that starts the construction of this beautiful building, in the 17th century. The structure is finished in 1698 under the rule of Constantin Brancoveanu. The grandiose work of art has 28 meters in its interior and a nave of 14.6 meters. The cathedral is well-known, here being made the first Bible translated in Romanian language. The Bible had an important part in the Romanian literary language development.The Romanian Orthodox Patriarchal Cathedral is a larger copy of Curtea de Arges Monastery of Neagoe Basarab. This Cathedral is dedicated to Saints Constantine and Helena and is consecrated by Mihnea III in the 17th century. It is transformed in Metropolitan and after the First World War is changed in a Patriarchate. The Patriarchal Assembly is composed buy:

  • Patriarchal Cathedral “St. Constantine and Helena
  • Belfry Tower built by Constantin Brancoveanu in the 17th century
  • Patriarchal Palace Chapel finished in the 18th century by Prince Nicolae Mavrocordat and Bishop Daniil (1719-1731) carefulness
  • Patriarchal Palace is made for the first time as an abbot and then become the metropolitan residence

The Patriarchal Cathedral is for the first time painted in the 17th century in the times of Radu Leon Voivode (1664-1669). This ruler transforms this edifice in a Metropolitan one on June 8, 1668. During time, the Cathedral has gone through several repairs and after the restoration between 1960 and 1962, it was built after the architectural model of Curtea de Arges Monastery. Its interior contains an altar, a nave having a trefoil form. Visitors can see an expand narthex supported by stone columns, with outstanding carved capitals in composite manner. The four prismatic towers and the exterior surrounded by a stone belt approximately in the middle of the construction are worth seeing and discovering. The Romanian Orthodox Patriarchal Cathedral started to have mural paintings between the years 1932 and 1935. The Iconostasis is decorated with a glided sculpture same as the imperial doors. Travelers that visit the Patriarch Cathedral can see the Relics of St. Dmitry the New, assembled in a silver shrine. Saint Dmitry the New is the patron of Bucharest and is commemorated every year on October 27. These relics were brought from the village of Basarabi by Metropolitan Gregory II (1760-1787). This tourist attraction deserves traveler attention because of its impressive appearance, beautiful paintings and for hosting the relics of St. Dmitry the New, since 1774.

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