The Sphinx and Babele from the Mysterious Bucegi Mountains

The Bucegi Mountains, located in the center of Romania, are probably the most known and visited mountains in Romania, on account of the Prahova Valley and especially the natural monuments, famous all throughout the country and the world.

The most extraordinary natural formations in the Bucegi Plateau are the Sphinx and Babele (Old Ladies). The best way to reach the 2400 high Bucegi Plateau is by cable car from Busteni.

The amazing Sphinx is a natural rock formation, an anthropomorphous megalith situated at an altitude of 2216 meters. It gets its name from the lookalikes between itself and the Egyptian Sphinx. Whereas the Great Sphinx from Giza is manmade, the Bucegi sphinx was formed gradually by eolian/wind erosion. A mysterious coincidence of the two sphinxes having the same height made many historians wonder if the Egyptian sphinx was actually inspired by the one from the Bucegi Mountains.

Another legend speculated around the Sphinx is that it might have been an energetic center used by aliens in ancient times, as close to it there is a cave which would supposedly collect extraordinary energetic mysteries and tourists are highly attracted by this.

Amazingly, there are other megalith monuments in Romania that bear the name of sphinx, like the one at Stanisoara, Piatra Arsa, Gutaiului Moutains and several more.

People have been fascinated by this natural wonder for ages, as one of the first pictures had the Sphinx as a protagonist, in 1900, when photography was still a scarcely explored domain.

Besides this manly figure of the nature, the Bucegi Mountains also houses the rocky formations Babele at the altitude of 2292 meters. Babele were also formed due to wind erosion and are situated 5-10 minutes away from the Sphinx. At the foot of the Babele chalet, there is a cottage with the same name, Cabana Babele, where tourists can enjoy their favorite drink and the extremely tranquil yet enigmatic scenery.

The mushroom-like formations of Babele and the remote Sphinx make up a superb sight of great importance, to which tourists come either by car, cable car or hiking each year. Make sure you put them on your bucket list and most importantly, like the pictures with tourists leaning on the Pisa Tower or cupping the height of the Eiffel, take a picture that looks like you’re kissing the sphinx to add to the collection.

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