The Vaserului Valley – an irreplaceable journey with the steam train

The Vaserului Valley is climbing from Viseu de Sus to Comanu, and is slightly dissimilar from other valleys of the Carpathian Mountains. With the exception of a few logging campsites, the beautiful valley covers a great area devoid of human population. It is open only by railway, and is extended on around 50 kilometers.

The region of Maramures is best defined among the two words “wood” and “water”. The history, the traditions and the life of the citizens of Maramures are engraved in the wood of the churches and gateways, and several rivers and watercourses are spread along the land similar to a cobweb, forming famous valleys, such as Viseu, Vaser, Iza and Mara.

The Vaserului Valley is situated in the far north of Romania, close to the limit with Ukraine, and is an exceptional sample of technical cultural legacy, including the famous steam train, unique in Europe. In this area, tourists can discover one of the last of the Carpathian Forestry Railways.

The tourist and leisure potential of Viseu de Sus is privileged by the unique natural background, located in the area of Maramuresului Mountains, which now are part of to the Natural Park with the same title. The richness of spring waters and authentic cultural and historical values boots this area as a tourist destination. Also, the existence of natural charms such as the forests range with opulent vegetation and wildlife, represents a brilliant motive for the realization of tourist paths for hiking or hitchhiking trips in the nature.

Steam Train on the Vaserului Valley

Since 1932, the Forestry Railway Viseu de Sus has performed practically without stop, being the last one of this type in Europe, which is still being used for the carriage of wood.

Since the year of 2000 steam trains for visitors have commonly traveled on Vaserului Valley. The season begins in spring and ends in autumn. The maximum altitude of the railway is in Comanu (around 1.100 meters), and the departure from Viseu de Sus starts at and altitude of 600 meters. Along the trip tourists can see the most charming forms of nature: sharp rows which start right near the track, secular forests or enormous cliffs crossed by tunnels. The railway unseals a vast zone of isolated forest and mountain, without highways or townships, but with quite many bears and wolves in its place!

During high season, travelers can go by steam train all the way up to the end of the valley and back, appreciating the attractiveness of the wildlife. It is also possible to stop on the way, get off at one of the numerous stops, and start a hiking journey to the highlands.

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