The Village of Biertan – a land of fairy tales

The village of Biertan was part of   “the Land of wine” and is situated in Sibiu County, in the region of Transylvania. This marvelous village is considered an “unreal place”, because of its panorama and edifices.

Cosmopolitan Magazine mentioned Biertan in a top of “22 unreal destinations” from all over the world. The village was occupying the 9th place, before Phi Phi Islands from Thailand, Santorini, Bora Bora. Also, during time it was compared with cities from Disney movies, because of its unique fairy tale sights.

The village of Biertan was named “the Land of Wine” because of its good and willing soil. This picturesque village was made by Saxon colonist in the 13th century. It has experienced a rapid development in the Middle-Ages and became an agricultural center, besides wine center. Here was placed Evangelical Episcopal headquarters Seat so it became the spiritual center of the Transylvanian Saxons.

Biertan village hosts beautiful Saxon houses built in a Transylvanian Baroque style. Tourists can find a lot of vineyards decorations specific to its old good times. Nowadays, excursionists could visit workshops of traditional fabrics and embroideries, because Biertan was also an important craft space.  Besides all these, other fascinating stuffs that travelers needed to visit are the Feed mill, the old chemist shop and carpentry workshop.

One of the most beautiful edifices located in this village is the unique Fortified Church, built as a defense fortress for the locals. Biertan Fortified Church is sited high on a hill right in the center of the village, in the center of the transverse valleys boarded by vineyards, maize cultures and plantations. The current church is embellished by walls decorated in the 16th century. It can still be detected the paintings from this epoch on the Southern tower of the inner wall as well as the gravestones of the Saxon bishops, located in the Mausoleum tower. The Fortified Church from Biertan is part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, since 1993.

Here visitors will discover the Clock Tower, Weavers Tower, Bacon Tower, Catholic Tower and Gate Tower. This mysterious attraction has a legend about three underground tunnels. One of the tunnels was named the Death Tunnel; the other one was the Spy Tunnel and the last one was the Supply Tower. Like its names, first was used for carrying dead people in the cemetery, the second for spy’s infiltration in the middle of enemies and the last one for food transportation.

Biertan village has a funny legend that said that married people that quarrels and want to divorce were closed in the fortress. There they had to live with just a fork, one spoon, one table, one bad and one chair. The consequence of this action was that the village had just one divorce.

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