The White Tower – a picturesque monument of Brasov

Discover Transylvania in the heart of Romania, with a tour travel in the breathtaking city of Brasov, fringed by the peaks of Southern Carpathian Mountains and filled with Gothic, baroque and renaissance architecture.

One of the most visited cities in Romania, Brasov provides plenty of historical attractions and medieval ambiance for thousands of tourists every year. Strolling around the town, the seven bastions that were built are still visible today. They represent Brasov’s defensive fortifications, and they were erected by Saxons, due to numerous invasions over the centuries.

One of the most imposing and well-preserved such bastion is the White Tower that watches over the sight observation of the town, with a height of almost 20 meters. It is first documented in various existent documents around the year of 1460, respectively 1494.

What is known is that the tower represents a symbol of the medieval town and its five stories on which it is structured can be visited. The White Tower, like the Black Tower is located on Straja Hill and was built of stone and brick in the 15th century with the purpose of defense and observation. It can be reached by climbing next to the Graft Bastion, on the north side of the Citadel that makes a connection point with the tower.

The bastion has a horseshoe shape and was intended to the guilds of Tanners and Coppersmiths, with the top being finished in battlements. The name comes from the color that was used to paint it, nothing else but white lime, the whitewash that coated its walls.

Given the great fire in 1689 that grounded Brasov, the White Tower got the first restoration in 1723. The access in the 20 m high tower was made with the help of ladders, but now the visitors can climb the stone stairs to get inside.

The imposing architectural walls can be seen in the closed semicircular construction of the tower, with cutouts for fire arms and equipped with throwing and shooting holes against the attackers. Inside the tower, there are temporary exhibits belonging to the County Museum of History, such as exhibits of the old medieval town, schemes of the bastion, and also fire arms.

This tour travel will reveal the remarkable architecture seen even in our days, characterized by its massiveness but also by its slender architectural lines. The supply and the access in the tower were made through a wooden ladder. In the interior, there were five defense galleries, on each level of the tower. It also disposes of ramparts, openings for pitch and balconies supported by brackets carved in stone.

The stone and brick walls, the heights of 20 meters and the defense mechanisms emphasize a construction adapted for the fights with firearms. With a view towards Blumana and with its 5 stories, the White Tower was the highest point of fortification in Brasov.

Discover the amazing beauty of Transylvania in a tour travel that takes you back in time, visiting the most important defensive towers of the Citadel, symbols of the past history.



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