Tihuta Pass or Borgo Pass – a mystical area

Tihuta Pass, known as Borgo Pass, is one of the most beautiful and mystical passers roads, located in the mountains across Europe. From the ancient times, is the main gateway between Moldova to Transylvania, and vice-versa. Tihuta Pass is a famous roud, and during time people crossed it only by foot or cart. Nowadays, it’s a National Road. Its a high mountain pass in the Romanian Bargau Mountains (Eastern Carpathian Mountains), connecting Bistrita (Transylvania) with Vatra Dornei (Bucovina and Moldavia).

This pass is famous because of Bram Stoker’s novel  “Dracula”, where termed as “the Borgo Pass”, it was portrayed as a gateway to the realm of Count Dracula. Stoker most likely found the name on a contemporary map. It looks like he never actually visited the area.

Today this pass is home to Hotel “Castel Dracula”. The hotel was built in 1974 and is located at an elevation of 1,116 m (3,661 ft.). It has become quite an attraction due to its architectural style of a medieval villa, as well as the sheer beauty of the location.

Historical mark

The old trade route was abandoned in the early XIX century. The road that goes through Tihuta Pass now, and was built at the initiative of the Council of War of the Austro-Hungarian Army between 1812 – 1817. In 1969 the first road was paved, then asphalt.

Nearby tourist attractions

Close to Tihuta Pass, tourists can visit Tinovul Poiana Stampei which is a natural reservation protected by law. This natural reservation was declared a protected area (forested swamps oligotrophic), that hosts a diverse range of vegetation hygrophyte (specific wetlands), being protected by the European Union.Stone Fantanele Tourist Resort (1201 m) is another interesting place to visit. Here they can find a copy of the hotel imagined by Bram Stoker in Dracula; there are also ski slopes, toboggan for travelers to have fun. In this same area is the Monastery Stone Fantanele, home for a a high metal cross, with a height of 31 m.Nearby there, northward, is the Kindergarten Step (in Romanian: Pasul Gradinita), to northwest is the Mestecanis Step, to the east is the famous Step Paltinis and in southeast is the Step Branch (in Romanian: Pasul Creangă).Besides the breathtaking landscape, this area has an artificial accumulation lake named Colibita Lake. Colibita Lake has become since its formation, one of the main tourism resources from Bistrita-Nasaud County, and its sides are studded with numerous cottages and holiday homes. Follow Dracula in a journey of a lifetime.

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