Valea Rasnoaveni – land of extreme sports

Valea Rasnoavei is a tourist attraction close to the city of Rasnov, Brasov district. Being surround by nature, this area is perfect for hiking, mountains sports and much more. The name Rasnov comes from  “Rosneau” and in 1331 it  meant rose. Today, this flower can be found on the city’s stem.

The oldest blazon of Rasnov dates from the 16th century and has also three roses. Close to the medieval city tourists can discover the most impressive Roman fortification named Cumidava. At a distance of 1.5 km from the city there is a post-Roman settlements “Rasnov-Blocuri”.  During the feudal period Rasnov becomes the second most important haggle from Burzenland (Romanian: Tara Barsei). After the visit of King Sigismund of Luxembourg in Rasnov, in the 15th century, people from this place earn the right to organize a haggle. Because of the invasions and fires from Burzenland, people from Rasnov built a fortress that becomes the symbol of today’s city. This citadel is built on an old Dacian settlement that had the name Cumidava. This term is borrowed by the Roman fort built after the Dacian-Roman wars.

Valea Rasnov is perfect for people who enjoy extreme sports and mountain sports. On Valea Rasnoavei tourists can find two arranged spaces for bungee jumping. First one consists in a suspended bridge above the valley gorge at a height of 42 meters from where people throw into the void with elastic ropes. The second one is for professionals because of its altitude of 137.5 meters. Tourists can also try descending rocks in booster that is actually a descent on a rock wall, using equipment for climbers. Zip line is another option that can be chosen; tourists that try zipping line cross the peaks of rocks in a shorter time but with a lot of adrenaline.

Cheile Rasnoavei has the longest zip line route of 137 meters. For something new, Cheile Rasnoavei provides via ferrata that is a route on which people need to go followed by professional climbers. Travelers need physical condition, motivation and concentration to go through the route with cables, stairs and also bridges metal. Mountain biking escalates and hiking are also perfect to be made here.

For new experiences try Valea Rasnoavei because here is the home for extreme sports, mountains sport or just enjoy the natural landscape in front of your eyes.

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