Zalan Valley – the wonderful village of Prince Charles

Zalan Valley village is located in the county of Covasna, Transylvania region. Loved by Prince Charles, this traditional village gained recognition using its simplicity and naturalness.

Ethnically identity of this village consists in Szeklers that are proud to show Zalan Valley to all foreigners from the country and from the outside. History of Zalan Valley started in 17th century when Tibor Kalnoky, Count of Transylvania, built a glass factory. Born in Germany, he discovered his Romanian roots by reading his grandfather’s letters. This factory was close to Zalan River so it had much sand and wood to create products needed. Because things went well and people had the opportunity to work, in this place was formed Zalan Valley village. Heavy work conditions stared dissatisfying workers and they destroy the factory in 19th century. With no other factories near to this place, the peasant uses agriculture and livestock as a manner of living.

Being visited by Prince Wales, this beloved place re birthed under the eyes of the locals. Tourists can visit and sleep in Prince’s properties and enjoy what this village offers. Prince Charles bought three houses, one of them had five rooms and its interior is arranged with old traditional objects.

Here travelers can find old glass object dated from the glass fabric’s day. Prince’s properties and Kalnoky’s domains offers furniture and materials date from antiquity that will enjoy curious eyes. Houses from this region let all tourist to stay and sleep in homemade sheets unique for Zalan Valley.

With a medieval imprint, this space proved a perfect fusion with nature, because is concealed by modernity. Since the village emerged from anonymity, locals had permanent places of work and resources and local crafts are revealed.

Considered a treasure of Transylvania, this small village has values ​​that went through time and still conserved harmony between man and nature. For people who love the tranquility of a village, want to eat good and natural food and want to enjoy a spectacular view then village of Zalan Valley is the right choice. Visitors can spend a night in the house of Prince Charles and eat his favorite meal. A trip or holiday in this place can clear the excursionist’s mind and remind the importance of simple things.  If silence, nature and simplicity sound good for you and your family, it is time to take a vacation in Zalan Village.

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