Ravasitul oilor – Bran symbolical celebration

Ravasitul oilor is a symbolical celebration that marks the final of the pastoral year. This is a very old tradition that exists from the Dacian times. The event marks the respect and the importance of animal breeding tradition.

Ravasitul oilor means „sheep’s scattering” and is the day when the shepherds bring the sheep from the mountains. This symbolical celebration is happening close to Samedru holiday, which is on October 26. Together with Sangiorzul, celebrated on April 23, Samedru divides the year in two balanced seasons – summer and winter.According to these traditions God gave the weather keys to brothers Saint George and Saint Dmitri. The year is associated with a house with two doors, one of Saint Gheorge that opens the door for summer and the other one of Saint Dmitri that opens the door for winter.

Samedru autumn is the day when shepherds reckon with owner for businesses discuss in the spring to Sângiorz. Saint Dmitri let forests without leaves and gathers all householders to the harvest day for enjoying the harvest accumulated during the year. Villages from Oltenia and Muntenia celebrate the harvest joy with Samedru Fires. Fires are made in a meadow outside the village, at major crossroads of fire wheels thrown from the hill.

People gather to see variants of the Samedru Fires and women give children pretzels, apples, nuts or dried fruit.It is the day when shepherds bring the sheep to owners, and discuss about charges interests, pays off debts, rent homes and domains. After this event people get ready for the winter. Nowadays, Ravasitul oilor is a folk festival where shepherds show the quality of their products and beautiful animals. Travelers that enjoy this kind of festival can discover the dishes made by the locals.

In Bran area, tourists can eat sheep pastrami, bulz, cheeses of all kind sprinkles with unfermented wine. There are also prize parades of Sheepdogs, mioritic Sheepdogs and rams. Ravasitul oilor, the Best Breeder of Animals and of course, Cheese and Pastrami Festival takes place the last three days of October in Bran commune on the city of Brasov. For interested tourist, this festival takes place every year at the “Queen’s heart” highland from Bran commune.

The shepherds throw a waistcoat in the middle of a sheep to see how the weather will be; a black sheep on the waistcoat predicts a bad weather and a white ship predicts a great weather.

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