Lipovan Dishes – preserved culinary delights

Lipovan recipes are well-preserved from hundreds of years and tourists can enjoy them. These recipes are given from generation to generation in order to be kept exactly as they are. Lipovan Russians are a community from the city of Braila that still preserves these great recipes. Lipovan deep imprint on the food cannot be finish without a glass of wine or brandy.
Fishing enthusiasts, Lipovans from today cocks the fish after the old recipes that are inventions of the fishermen that sit on the Danube, of Braila. Locals from the old Pisc village, the today’s Braila neighborhood, use to sell fish on the villages around Braila. To feet themselves, they make fish soup to trivet that stops passers and pray to let them taste. People that taste this good food remain for life lovers of the Lipovan fish soup.

A good Lipovan fish soup contains different types of fish like pike, catfish, carp or crucian. In this soup are put large pieces of fish, peppers, tomatoes, lavage, salt, oil and vinegar. The fish which is made to be cooked stays in the evening with a pinch of salt.

Another delicious recipe is Scordolea that is preferably prepared with pike. Combines mashed potatoes and for the ornaments people use pickles and peppers and parsley leaves.

Malasolca is other interesting name that uses catfish, pike, carp or pike. The fish pieces boils and this food is served with boiled potatoes in their skins.Cabbage soup is made from carrot, parsley, celery, boil, and add to the pan beets and finally the cabbage. Women put also peppers, and tomatoes depending on the taste.

Fried mackerel is a fish served with garlic sauce and salt, thyme and vinegar.

The Aspic over is a food that use gelatin and pike, zander and perch. Also Lipovan people eat this jellied fish with horseradish.

Favorite Holiday dish is Lapsa that is actually noodles with egg. This food is served with a chicken soup.

Blinii are a kind of pancake made from eggs, chicken, spices and sugar. It is made with cheese and served with cream, honey or butter.

Varenchi are dumplings with cheese and use flour, one egg, two cups water and salt. On each piece of dough is put a little cheese, stick the edges and boil them in water. This dish is serving with butter or cream.

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