Bicaz Lake – the largest artificial lake of Romania

Bicaz Lake (Romanian: Lacul Izvorul Muntelui) is the largest artificial lake of Romania. It was created after the completion of a dam built on Bistrita River. The dam is located a few kilometers north of the town of Bicaz. It was built between 1950 and 1960 and is used to generate hydroelectricity at the Bicaz – Stejaru Hydroelectric Power Station. The lake has a length of 40 kilometers, an area of 33 km² and a maximum volume of 1.250 million m³.

Bicaz Lake must to be visited for its incredible fauna that include a lot of species of fish such as: barbell, chub, broad snout, roach, native trout, lake trout and rainbow trout, bleak, pig and bream. This location is a popular tourist destination, especially during summer, because of good temperature in this period and for possibility to travel with ferryboat from the Bicaz port for a short trip on the lake, enjoying the magnificent view of Ceahlau Mountains on the west shore.

Near Bicaz Lake, in Potoci village where is located a farmed trout, and  guests can serve there fresh trout caught in the lake. More than that, tourists can visit Biological Research Station – Potoci – Bicaz, which belongs to “A. I. Cuza” University. Also, it is the only place in Moldova where people can dive. Furthermore, tourists have the possibility to choose different type of maritime transports like: simple or big boat for more people, a ship for mini cruise for two or a hydro-bike.

This location is perfect for people that love to fish. They can find here a lot of special appointed places for fishery. The pleasant sound of nature is everywhere. For people who love traditional tastes, are special restaurants where clients can eat fresh fish prepared in Romanian style.

Bicaz Lake is very close to other beautiful tourist attractions. After visiting this beautiful place, tourists can take a tour to Bicaz Gorge that is famous for its absolutely natural provenance. Otherwise, visitors can visit one of the most extraordinary lake named: Red Lake, included in a natural reserve. The special name of the Lake comes from the reddish alluvial deposited in the lake by the Red Creek, conquering every tripper. Moreover, Ceahlau Massif is one of the most notorious mountains of Romania. Ceahlau Mountains are famous for their stunning and lovely scenery, being a popular hiking and camping destination.

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