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Vidraru Lake

Vidraru Lake is a magnificent place built with a big number of human sacrifices. Located in the city of Arges, this artificial lake is shrouded with legends and others natural beauties.

Vidraru Lake Location

Vidraru Lake is located under Fruntii Mountains and Ghitu Mountains and collects the  rivers Capra, Buda and Lady’s River. Besides rivers, this magnificent lake also gathers tributaries like: Cernatu, Valsan, Topolog, Stan’s Valey and Limpedea.

This strategic objective of energetic system was made in five years and a half, between 1961- 1966. Its beauty is recognized all over the world and many foreigners visit this Romanian edifice year by year. It is a withstand construction with 22 plots and 9 vertical and horizontal galleries. According to experts, this thing can be proved by the fact that it passed through the 1977 earthquake. The electric central is situated in Cetatuia Massive and produces around  400 GWh of energy.

Vidraru Lake covers an area of 870 hectares and has a depth of 155 meters. It was the 5th barrage from Europe at its opening. For raising the Vidraru Dam (Vidraru baraj), the village of Cumpana was destroyed and all the buildings from this village are underwater.

There is a legend that said that Cumpana’s villagers didn’t want to abandon households so they remain there when the dan was opened. Witnesses said that this is just a myth, residents were evacuated but top of the houses were still seen. Vidraru Lake tour has 52 km and delights travelers’ eyes with lots of great landscapes and relaxation place. The stretched scenery calms viewer’s mind and prompts to admire man and nature work. Outline of dam is lightened in the nights to be seen by planes. To explore Vidraru Dam tourists needed to go on the East road of the lake.

If travelers go to Belvedere Platform they can discover a spectacular journey. Those who love landscapes full of water and rocks need to know that there are holiday homes, at a height of 86 m. Fans of extreme sports can do Vidraru dam bungee jump. Also, fishing, boats and paddle boats are other activities that attracts visitors in this area.

For all those who love the combination between water and mountains, Vidraru Lake is the perfect choice, offering these natural beauties in one place. A well-deserved weekend contains a visit to this splendid tourist attraction and some selfie photos to show them to friends and acquaintances.

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