Barsana – The Most Beautiful Monastery from Maramures

Barsana Monastery

Barsana Monastery is an Orthodox Monastery situated in Maramures County, in the north – west part of Romania.

First document that mentioned Barsana monastery dates back in 1390, and it was a document that proofs the properties owned by the Dragos royal family. In this document it is written about a road that bifurcates and one side leading at the Barsana Maramures Romania village and the other one to the monastery.

The church is situated in Maramures on Iza Valley. The old wooden otthodox church was built in 1711 on a place called “Monk’s Hair” by the priest Ioan Stefanca, with his son and other villagers to thank God for protecting the village during the great plague from 1710.
The church was moved to Iza valley around 1739, on a site of a cemetery that appeared after the battle with the Tatars in 1717.

The church was moved second time when it was brought to the village around 1795, and placed in the middle of the cemetery of small plague victims since 1742.

In 1806 the inside of the church it was repainted by Theodor Hodor, influenced by baroque style and rococo style. The paintings were done on wood, partially leveled with pieces of textile fixed on the walls and covered with a layer of lime prepared according to the costumes of that time.
Later, were added, the western two-level porch and windows were enlarged.

The Monastic ensemble was built of wood by local tradition, under the direction of architect Dorel Cordoş. It is composed of : specific Maramures gate, the belfry tower, church (with a height of 57 m), summer altar, the monks’ cells, the chapel (built on several levels), and house masters house (workshop) artists.

Recently it was built a museum in the monastery.

Currently, the patron of the monastery is held on June 30: “Synaxis of 12 Apostles”.

Wooden churches Maramures are some of the beautiful crafted churched from Romania. If you want to visit Barsana Monastery, considered the most beautiful monastery from Maramures, you should try one of the tours below:

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