Bogdanesti Monastery – the shelter of forgotten people

Bogdanesti Monastery is a place of good deeds that can be found in Bogdanesti village located in the county of Suceava. A trip in this beautiful place makes all tourists to feel that generous and good people still exist.

In the 14th century, Bodan I, voivode of Moldavia (1363-1367), and his wife, Miss Mary made this monastery and initially named it “Hermitage Bogdanestilor”.  Bogdanesti Monastery was constructed to be the prayers place and also the royal church.

Bogdanesti Monastery was first made from wood and survived without any problems until the 16th century. In 1510 the Tartars destroy this edifice and one year after, monks try to rebuild it with the help of Bogdan III the Blind (Moldavian ruler, 1504-1517). For a long period of time this settlement was a Monks Hermitage. This fact was declared in documents in the 16th century. Later, between the 17th and the 18th century this place was mentioned as a Nuns Hermitage. Bronze statue of voivode Bogdan I is the first thing that stand in from of the curious tourists that want to appreciate the Bogdanesti Monastery.  This statue was built as collateral power and value of this edifice.

The today’s monastery is made by stone to resist during times. The interior of the monastery hosts carved oak furniture and its pictures which are presenting the fresco technique. Near the church, there was a Bell Tower, sanctums, a 20 m fountain and a monument dedicated to Bogdan the Voivode. All these structures are surrounded by a stone wall.

“Iov hermitage” or “Iova glade” is the place of hermitage for monks around this monastery. Hermit Iov lived here to honor God. With the help of Divinity he could do miracles and foretelling bad things for people. He gathered around him 15 monks and created this hermitage. The priest Gheorghe Loghinoaia rebuilt this wonderful monastery in 1994. Since then Bogdanesti Monastery is devoted to “St. Elijah Tesviteanul” and secondly to the “Birth of Virgin Mary”.  In 1995, around the church was established the philanthropic Christian settlement “Protection of the Mother of God”, in order to provide shelter and food to several elderly people without financial and maintenance possibilities.

Between 2006 and 2010 was made a new building for philanthropic Christian settlement “Protection of the Mother of God” that offers better living conditions for poor people from this area of Romania. Humanitarian deeds and the beauty of the landscape is making Bogdanesti Monastery perfect destination for a holyday or a tip.

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