Horezu Monastery: An important Religious Destination in Romania

The Horezu Monastery or Hurezi Monastery was founded in 1690 by Prince of Wallachia – Constantin Brancoveanu in the town of Horezu, Valcea County, Romania. It is considered to be a masterpiece of “Brancovenesc style”, known for its architectural purity and balance, the richness of its sculpted detail, its treatment of religious compositions, its votive portraits, and its painted decorative works. The church was repaired and restored in 1827, 1872, 1907-1912 and 1954-1964.

The Monastery is called a complex of the holy places, because of its four places of worship what was built in different times:

  1. The actual church of the monastery, founded by the great ruler and scholar, Constantin Brancoveanu at the center precinct dedicated to Saints Constantine and his mother Helena.
  2. Infirmary church, founded in 1696 by Lady Maria the wife of the prince of Wallachia.
  3. Hermitage “Apostles”, founded by Archimandrite John abbot of the monastery in 1698.
  4. Hermitage of St. Stephen, named after the ruler’s eldest son, founded by himself in 1703.

The Monastery is totally differently than other churches by its hallway that was constructed by order of Constantine’s mother. The beauty of this porch consists through the arches supported by ten stone columns adorned with ornaments in Renaissance style. The facades are decorated with rectangular panels and ornamental with niches hoops. The entrance door is very massive and was built of marble carved. The door delights everybody by its paintings: Romanian and Cantacuzino family coat of arms.

The Church is special thanks to murals pictures, executed between 1692 and 1694 by Greek craftsmen: Constantinos and Ioan. Also guests can admire a gallery of portraits with Brancoveanu’s family, Cantacuzino and Basarab’s family. By the way the first abbot of the monastery, Archimandrite John, is buried in the main church.

Moreover the Monastery has its personal library named “Constantin Brancoveanu Library” founded by Constantin Brancoveanu. Library includes a lot of books and this is one of the reasons why Hurezi becomes a powerful cultural center of the Romanian Land.

The library catalog compiled in 1791 shows that at that time the Church had 382 volumes of printed books and 46 manuscripts and the interesting fact is that 115 of them were typed in Romanian language.

Horezu Monastery is one of the best cultural destinations in Romania. Horezu is a must for travelers looking for a slow-paced experience that put together architectural masterpieces, centuries old traditions and scenic natural environs.

Discover Romania and enjoy the serenity of Horezu Monastery.


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