Humor Monastery from Bucovina – a land full of faith

Humor Monastery is an edifice situated in Bucovina region, Humor Monastery village. Built by Toader Bubuiog and his wife, Anastasia, is tranquility of souls and attraction for all tourists.

The region of Bucovina is blessed to have the most interesting pictured monasteries from entire Romania. Humor Monastery is part of this region and is well known for its frescos.

In 1993, UNESCO included the church Humor Monastery, on the World Heritage list together with other seven churches located in northern Moldavia (Arbore, Patrauti, Moldova, Probota,”St. John” Suceava, Sucevita and Voronet), known worldwide as the painted monasteries of Bucovina.

Humor Monastery is an orthodox one and is dedicated to “Assumption of the Virgin Mary” and “Saint George”. With a height of 300 meters, it is close to ruins of another old church built in the 15th century by Alexander the Good. In this region appeared for the first time the open porch and the vault.

Humor Monastery was founded in 1530 and closed later by Habsburgs. This edifice opened again its gates in 1991. Since its opening, this gorgeous monastery was an important cultural center of Moldavia. As a confirmation, it has a Bible dating from 1474 which can be seen in the Museum of Putna Monastery.

The Humor Monastery’s big treasure is the exterior paintings, were predominates the red color. This painting were made by Master Toma Painter in 1535. Walking along the monastery tourists can discover one of the most valuable frescoes on the southern side – the Akathystos Hymn. The Fall of Constantinople is a well-preserved picture that it can be see here. In each side of the monastery people can find religious themes such as: Tree of Jesse, Eternal Judgment, the procession of angels, prophets, apostles, bishops, martyrs, pious and others that wait to be unraveled. Since 2015 Humor Monastery is proud to be part of the Historical Monuments from Suceava with its four sights:

  • Church “Assumption of the Virgin Mary ” and “St. George” that was built in the 16th century;
  • The remains of the monastery houses from the 14th-18th century;
  • Belfry Tower made in the 19th century;
  • Tower of Vasile Lupu constructed in the 17th century.

In any part they look, tourists can see the nature that surrounds this magnificent place and feel the religion in any corner. The fairy landscape makes visitors leave their worries at home and enjoy what eyes can see. Here divinity has done its job. Humor Monastery is perfect for those who what to find himself and love religious tourism as much as cultural trips.


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