Ramet Monastery – Paradise edifice from Transylvania

Ramet Monastery (Romania: Râmeț Monastery) is a must see objective during a trip in Transylvania, representing an old edifice located in village Valea Manastirii, Ramet parish, Alba County. Ramet Monastery went through hard times, because of battles, fire and water. This church actually stayed under mud and stones for four years, among the 1926 – 1930, because of Plesa River.

Fortunately, it survived to all obstacles and today enjoys the reputation name of “Heaven Garden from Apuseni”. The place deserves this name, because of its paradise settlement surrounded by nature panorama and the inner peace that can be found here. It is considered a part of the oldest Orthodox monasteries from Transylvania region and its first attestation was in the 14th century.

The name of “Ramet” came from “hermit” so it is considered that is was made by hermit monks. In the 16th century this monastery was taken under the wing of Radu Voda, ruler of Land of Romania (1601-1623). He received the estate from Stremt, in Ramet land from king Vladislav. Ramet Monastery received attention and care by families of boyars close to this place. Visitors can see that Ramet Monastery is situated in a wonderful valley in Trascau Mountains. The natural frame creates an impressive image in the viewer’s eyes.

This monastery includes The Old Church, a small and white beautiful sigh. It has paintings overlaid from the 14th century and is dedicated to the “Healing Spring” and the “Assumption of the Virgin Mary”.  Travelers can also find here the interesting Monastery Museum which was made using an old school building. Dometrie priest opened this museum’s doors for public to present: the Calvary Holy stone brought from Jerusalem, the Virgin Mary bush stone from Mount Sinai, the Foundation bricks from Apulum Camp, religious vestments and many more. Further people can find the New Church which is dedicated to “Assumption of the Virgin Mary” and to “Saints Peter and Paul”. It is the biggest building from this monastery created in a Byzantine style.

Ramet Monastery has an open porch, inside furniture is made by oak and the right of altar, excursionists can see the relics of Saint Hierarch Gelasius. Ramet Monastery‘s ambiance is great to be included in a tour travel because it will energizes all tourists and will ease all soul’s hardship. Beauties that can be seen here are unique and very special.

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