Snagov Monastery – the resting place of Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula

Snagov Monastery

The Snagov Monastery, the resting place of Vlad the Impaler, also known as Vlad Dracula, is one of the most important historical places in Romania, built on the Snagov island located in the north part of Snagov Lake. The building was founded by Mircea cel Batran, Vlad Dracula’s grandfather, in 1408 and rebuilt by his nephew and Mircea Ciobanu. The monastery is known by its byzantine style with Romanian traditional decorative elements that delights every eye.

One of the most remarkable rooms inside of the monastery is the prison for traitors and thieves, built by the one and only Vlad the Impaler, the underwater tunnel for retreat during the wars and the great bell which is made of massive brick.

Also, citizens say that the place where the monastery is built, is haunted by thousand souls of soldiers who died during wars led by Constantin Brancoveanu, Prince of Wallachia between 1688 and 1714, Matei Basarab, Prince of Wallachia a between 1632 and 1654, and Vlad the Impaler, Prince of Wallachia three times between 1448 and his death in 1477. The paintings were restored just once, in 1815 by Gheorghe Zugravu, and all travelers have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the original medieval Romanian culture.

At Snagov Monastery, tourists can recreate from all daily routine and taste the smell of first books printed in Romanian language, cheers to Constantin Brancoveanu. The monastery has activated as typography between 1700 and 1714 and the first book printed here is „Orânduiala slujbei Sfinților Constantin și Elena”.

The Snagov Monastery tour is ended with an interesting legend about  the tomb of the most powerful reigning of Vlad Tepes,  which was killed in a battle with the Turks, in 1476,  and his body was  buried here. If tourists want to visit the historical buildings and to feel the age of wars on Romanian territory, this tour is dedicated to them. In addition to superb views, you can discover the real vampire hunters through the time lived by Vlad Dracula and present.

Besides this, you can make a detour to visit the marvelous Snagov Lake (Snagov Lac) that opens more nature views. The town is very popular because of its calmness. Likewise in Snagov Town you can admire rare species of fauna and flora in natural reservation that is located in Ilfov, near Snagov Village.

If you asked yourself how to get to Snagov Monastery from Bucharest you should know that near Snagov Monastery you will find the beautiful capital of Romania, Bucharest that is well-known by its second name “Little Paris”, according to its elegant architecture and the sophistication of its elite.

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