“George Cosbuc” Memorial House

“George Cosbuc” Memorial House is located in Cosbuc commune, Bistrita County.

George Cosbuc (20 septembrie 1866 – 9 mai 1918) is an important Romanian figure – poet, reviewer and member of the Romanian Academy. He wrote poems for all ages and is considered a classical author, being always present in school books. His first poem “Philosophers and ploughmen” was published in “Tribuna” magazine, and Cosbuc used the pseudonym C. Boscu.

The Memorial House of the poet George Cosbuc was the place where he was born in September 20, 1866 and had a happy childhood. He was member of a large family with 14 children, and he was the 7th. His father and grandparent were priests and they wanted him to stay on this branch. Unfortunately for them, but luckily for the Romanian people, George had other plans and he studied philosophy.

In 1895, Elena Sfetea becomes his wife and one year later his son was born, Alexander (Romanian: Alexandru). Regrettably, Alexander died in a car accident at the early age of 19. George Cosbuc deceased at the age of 51 years, in 1918, and in the “Light” newspaper is stated that he “lives and will live as Romanian nation will live”.

The most beautiful poems of George Cosbuc are: Spring harbinger, Winter on the alley, Their hive, Zamfira’s wedding and Forest Fairy.

In the beginnings, this village was named Hordou, but today is called after the famous Romanian author – the village of Cosbuc. The memorial house is situated in the center of the village, and is close to Salautan River. The house was considered the first literature museum from Romania. It was built after 1840, by Sebastian Cosbuc, George’s father. This memorial house is part of Bistrita  Nasaud Musem Complex, founded by Iuliu Moisil.

“George Cosbuc” Memorial House was restored in 1954 and it’s a typical house village with six rooms. Painted in white, with wooden roof, makes travelers feel like they are in a distant universe. In the beginning, travelers enter on the porch or in the hallway. The first room is fitted with Cosbuc personal objects and his books. The second room has author works, hat and his cape.The biggest room, the living room, was often used as the guest’s room. The last three rooms are filled with exhibitions about his life and work. The house furniture is made in carved wood well maintained, using the style of that era. The author came from a wealthy family and this fact can be provided by the inside decorations and furniture.

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