Romanian National Opera, Cluj-Napoca – Transylvanian masterpiece

The Romanian National Opera is one of the most gorgeous architecture in Transylvania that dated from 1906. The Opera shared the same building with the National Theater and give an opportunity to everybody to remark the beauty of the edifice.

The story of this building started in 1904 by the famous Austrian architects Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer who brought with success a real architectural masterpiece in Transylvania.

Until 1919, The National Opera was a part of  the Kingdom of Hungary, and it was home to the local Hungarian National Theater. After 1919 has been home to the local Romanian National Theatre and Opera.

The first opera performance took place on 25 May 1920 with the Romanian version Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida, with Alfred Novak as conductor, and Constantin Pavel as stage director.

During its existence, the Cluj-Napoca Romanian Opera staged more than 200 operas, operettas and ballets from all over the world and more than 40 Romanian performance art-forms, including the premieres of George Enescu’s Oedipe and Sigismund Toduta’s Mesterul Manole. More of this, you can admire the Romanian actors like: Angela Gheorghiu, Alexandru Agache, Carmen Oprisanu, Simona Noja, Nicoleta Ardelean, George Petean, Tatiana Lisnic, Marian Pop, Anita Hartig, Adrian Sampetrean, Balint Szabo, that are recognised on european level.

The Cluj-Napoca Romanian Opera established itself as an important European opera company, due to prestigious artistic tours in Italy (more than 22 tours starting from 1971), the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, England, Switzerland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, then-Czechoslovakia, etc.

In our days the opera make citizens happy by its Neo-Baroque style with some inflections inspired by Art Nouveau in the decoration of the foyer. Also, a lot of tourists come in Transylvania to take a look and participate in an annual event that is organized by National Opera named “Opera Ball” (in Romanian: “Balul Operei”).

“Opera Ball” started in 1992 for necessity to raise funds for the renovation of the some parts of Opera that are too damage by ages. The event includes a lot of festivity in one night such as: theatrical, opera and ballet play. Initiator of the festivity invites music bands or singers, theater actors, known and important people. In every edition people can meet political leaders, mayors, prefects, diplomats, senators, deputies, and cultural and famous persons: Florin Piersic, Marin Constantin, Corul Madrigal.  This annual event is one of the most important for every person that is living in Cluj-Napoca, because of its charity character.

This historical monument has a special charm thanks to monuments, personal yard and symbols that are located atop building. The international guests can watch international theater and opera play in a different language that can satisfy every fastidiousness and pleasures.

Also, tourists can visit the Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral that is nearby the National Opera or take a walk to the St. Michael’s Cathedral, located in the Matei Corvin Square.

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