The Council Tower in Sibiu

As one of the most important landmarks of Sibiu, the Council Tower is located in the Small Square and its ground floor is a passageway between the Small and Large Squares. The Tower was built in the 13th century and along the centuries; it has suffered several restorations which altered the initial form. The nucleus reaching the 1st floor is the only part of the Tower that was kept from the first construction and after that it was elevated several times and integrated in a group of buildings. The superior floors collapsed in 1585 and ample reconstruction works followed. The Council Tower was completely restored in the 1960s.

Along the years, the Council Tower served as several uses: gate tower, storehouse, fire watchtower, prison and natural sciences museum. Today, the Tower is used for exhibitions and a superb belvedere of Sibiu and Fagaras Mountains.

The Council Tower is a building with 7 floors which retract successively. The tower is supported by tall buttresses which have two embossed lions on the southern part.

Tourists can access the Council Tower through a small sized door from Small Square and you walk on steep narrow spiraled stairs from which you will be able to see your “ascending” through the miniature windows. Reaching the sixth floor you will stumble upon the huge clock which works on all fours sides of the tower, while the seventh floor will open up to an amazing belvedere of the old town. Visitors shouldn’t even fuss about the fees, as it is only 2 lei, roughly 0.5 Euro.

The Council Tower is probably the most famous out of the seventeen towers that Sibiu has. The city’s fortification system is divided in four belts of fortifications which tie the towers, bastions, passageways and churches. The Council Tower is part of the second belt of fortifications of Sibiu.

After all this information, you are probably wondering why it is named the Council Tower (Romanian: Turnul Sfatului); this is because it was situated right by the building where the city council gathered.

The Council Tower could be a place to either start or end a trip in Sibiu, as you can learn many things about its history or otherwise admire the beautiful architecture from the top.

Not only an main sight of Sibiu, which make sure you do not confuse with the tower of the Lutheran Church, another gorgeous tower in the Old Town, but as well a building with many important purposes throughout the years placed right in the heart of the city, the Council Tower deserves to be visited and it rewards all of its tourists with an extremely inexpensive entry fee.

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